To add some adventure to your home decor, nautical clocks are a great design choice. Coming in various nautical motifs, they are sure to bring the smell of salt air to any room with an ocean, travel, or adventure theme. To discover more about nautical clocks, including a little history,  some popular nautical clock selections, and where you can buy them, read on.

Nautical Clocks: A Brief History

nautical clocks_2While still seen on many ships today, nautical clocks  - also known as sea clocks, ocean clocks, tide clocks, and boat clocks - have been scooped by modern technology and GPS systems. In the past, nautical clocks were very necessary for a safe sailing experience. Invented in the 18th century, they were the main time and weather station for a ship's captain and crew. These clocks often include a thermometer and a barometer, along with the precision timepiece and sometimes a tide monitor. They were (and still often are) made with corrosion-resistant metals, so they can survive amid harsh weather and salt water. Brass nautical clocks, in fact, are one of the most recognized types as brass was often used due to its rust resistance.

These days, nautical clocks are used mostly for show on boats and ships. But while they've declined in practical importance, they've become a major antique collectible, and modern, mass-produced nautical clocks are a beloved piece of home decor for the adventure set and interior designers. In fact, nautical decor like nautical clocks, ship wheels, sextants, maps, and compasses are growing very quickly in popularity. 

Nautical Clocks Designnautical clocks_4

Because of the popularity of these clocks, the term "nautical clock" has expanded to include many marine themed timepieces, whether or not they fit the historical pedigree. Modern nautical clocks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including models shaped like anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels, and portholes. They are still made with non-corrosive materials like brass and wood, but you can also find them using other materials that reflect the fact that a good life indoors is ahead for these precision clocks.

nautical clocks_7There are also many nautical clocks today that are more closely related to shabby chic clocks. They use ocean and sailing themes including aged woods, colored planks, marine themed paintings, and more. Beach theme clocks also fall under this category. These clocks are definitely not "ship ready", but they certainly bring a fun nautical theme to life for a home.

You can find nautical clocks in a variety of clock styles. There are nautical wall clocks, desk clocks, box clocks, and mantel clocks. No matter your home decor need, there is a style to fit.

Where To Use Nautical Clocks

Nautical clocks are an excellent choice for many homes and rooms in which you are trying to instill a sense of adventure. This style is becoming very popular, particularly as a unique theme room for more traditional interior designs. Here, nautical mantel clocks over a fireplace or a brass nautical clock hung on a wall can add a sense of exploration and tradition.  Pairing these clocks with other nautical decor including ocean maps and compasses can make a real style impact. Be careful, though, not to go too far. The goal is to inspire a nautical feel, not to have guests feel like they've walked into a pirate's den. Moderation in style, as always, is key.

They also work particularly well with beach vacation homes and outdoor pool patios. The more shabby chic nautical clocks can be a lot of fun in these locations, giving a more lived-in feel to the rooms. Brass nautical clocks can work well on pool patios because they are rust resistant. Plus, models with thermometers and barometers can actually add value to your outdoor time. You can keep track of the temperature with ease.nautical clocks_6

Nautical clocks also work quite well in office settings, especially the more traditional versions. Their precision weather tools and richly-colored metals give an aura of affluence and professionalism to the space.

They also make great gifts, especially for men on Father's Day and holidays and as business incentive gifts. The adventure and exploration aspects of traditional nautical clocks allows them to fit right in with many room and office styles that men love. They are a more practical and stylish alternative to crystal paper weights and desk calendars.

Nautical Clock Selections carries a large selection of nautical clocks. Here are just a few of their most popular:weems & plath nautical

Weems & Plath Nautical Tambour Clock

The mix of hardwood and brass of this clock gives it an ageless feel. It truly is a handsome clock, perfect for the office or on a mantel.

howard miller shore stationHoward Miller Shore Station

This high-quality nautical wall clock features the big three: precision timepiece, thermometer, and barometer. It's perfect as a holiday or Father's Day gift.

Nautical Black Ship Wheel Porthole Clocknautical black ship wheel

A fun theme clock featuring one of the great nautical icons. The clock face is silver finished to give it a real shine.

roger lascelles french nautical

Roger Lascelles French Nautical Mouette Wall Clock

A shabby chic gem with a beach plank feel. Its classic look makes it a great fit for almost any room in a home.

beach clock

Beach Clock with Umbrella, Chair, Surfboard & Waves

Another shabby chic clock perfect for the beach home or beach-themed room.

The Price And Where To Buy Nautical Clocks

These clocks have a large price range depending on the clock style - from $20 to $200 or more. The more shabby chic models are normally at the lower end of this range, while the more traditional styles using metals and precision measurements normally start around $100. is an excellent place to find a great variety of nautical clocks. You can also find them in high-end department stores. Some of the shabby chic models can be found at discount department stores and even at local flea markets, especially in coastal areas. But for the best prices and variety - especially if you are in a land-locked region - you'll want to stick with