Nautical decor ideas are a way to really show off your love of the beach or even history. You can use this in homes all over the country but it's also important to go with more of an understated style because oftentimes this can seem a little bit cheesy. You may be used to seeing a lot of light house fixtures and scenic wallpaper. This has become extremely dated even though it was so inexpensive. Now people are spending a little bit more money by just buying fewer pieces that are of a higher quality.

You're really going to want to keep your staple items neutral. It can be a little bit tempting to go with a seashell print on your couch. This would usually require you to get custom built pieces which are very expensive and you're really going to be locked into this kind of theme. Instead, just go for more of a casual design in a bright white or even in a tan or taupe color. You probably want to just skip the leather because it can seem a little bit too modern. You may be able to make it work with a microsuede but really your simple white and basic taupe sofas are going to be your best bet.

If you're creating nautical decor for kids then grab the spray paint. This is perfect if you have a lot of basic light house lamps or even sail boats. You can really make it more suitable for kids just by painting it a bright color. The great thing about this is that you don't really have to worry about details or shading. This is going to be a much more modern and updated look and you can even apply the same principles to your main living spaces, although in this case you just want to keep everything in a bright white. You can just really create very imaginative pieces with yellows and reds.

Usually this is going to be more suitable for boys rooms but you can also work it in with the girls style. This can really be a lot of fun with craft projects and are going to be imperative for this. It's a way that you can give a cool look to a pink room. Really bringing in a lot of anchors or using pirate flags is going to be a totally different theme and has kind of a punk rock kind of edge to it.

You can also make this very subtle, which is something that most people aren't going to see a lot of when they use nautical decor ideas. This is perfect if you want nautical decor gifts. This can be a little bit more money, but it's also going to be something that can last for a very long time. It can even work with more traditional decor. In this case, you could just find mirrors or picture frames that mimic portholes. They can bring in a metallic tone. In fact you could just place three of these above your couch instead of a large piece of artwork. This definitely gets your theme across without using a lot of accessories and clutter.