Are you sprucing up your home with an elegant coastal living vibe or a classic clean look? You can't go wrong with nautical pillows. Their designs all hail to the sea and the great icons surrounding it, adding a touch of salt air to your home decor. In this post, you'll discover many of your options for nautical pillows, some decorating tips, and the prices you'll encounter for these treasures.

Nautical Pillows: Coastal Living Decor Comes Home Anywhere

Creating a coastal living aura in the home is a very popular home design concept. So popular, in fact, that being land locked doesn't matter. The clean, crisp look is desired by people around the world, and nautical pillows are an excellent way to accent the look.

These pieces of nautical decor come in many types and styles, simply because almost any maritime icon can make an excellent pillow design. Whether you're going for the big statement pillow, like a Euro pillow, or a smaller decorative accent pillow, you've got a wide sea of variety at your fingertips. Here are some of the favorite designs you'll encounter in your search:

Seashell Pillows

Tommy Bahama Indgio OmbreA favorite for many, seashell pillows bring the beach home in any room style. They are loved by adults and children alike, so they will work in both your living room and even your kid's rooms as a fun piece of nautical decor.

Sea Creature Pillows

Wabisabi Green Jellyfish Eco Throw PillowFor those into the biology of the sea, sea creature pillows add a touch of science and class to a room. They are very unique and often attention grabbers, so if you want a pillow to draw some eyes, these are an excellent choice.

Anchor Pillows

Nautical Anchor PillowA nautical decor staple, anchor pillows have been adorning beds, couches, and chairs for generations. As one of the great maritime icons, it immediately adds the right impact to your coastal living design.

Sailboat Pillows

C and F Enterprises Atlantic Isle Sailboat PillowAnother iconic choice that can be used in nearly any room style, sailboat pillows are a classic. They call to a life of freedom and relaxation on the sea, adding the same touch to your home.

Nautical Flag Pillows

Blue Gray Striped Nautical Compass FlagIf you aren't looking for obvious icons on your pillow, nautical flag pillows are the best choice for you. As they are often simple stripes, they are a subdued nod to maritime decor. If your overall style is both nautical and very simple or modern, a few of these pillows can add to the flair without drawing a lot of attention.

Mermaid Pillows

Outdoor Pillows Nautical MermaidsSome of the most well-known mythical sea creatures, mermaids are another favorite, especially with kids. A mermaid pillow will go great in their rooms, but they are also excellent as outdoor pool pillows.

Pirate Pillows

JoJo Designs Treasure Cove Pirate PillowsAhoy, mateys! While not for every style, pirate pillows are so fun that you can't leave them out. It's a fun choice for your pool area, kid's rooms, and as Halloween decor for your home if pirate costumes are in your future.

Nautical Pillow Prices

You don't need to spend a ton of cash to create your coastal living design. There are many cheap nautical pillows that look amazing.  Most of these pillows range from $10 to $20, with sets of three or more starting at $30. Stocking up on a few is a great way to tie together your entire space and keep your overall budget in line.

Nautical pillows make great accent pieces no matter where you live. Whether it's a beach home or a country rancher, a coastal living room design can work and work well. These pillows look great and are a budget friendly tool to pull together your design across many spaces. They're a smart choice.