Your Creativity

Many of us are facing new challenges in 2013, particularly if we've taken on a new role. In the work enviroment, like everywhere else, change is the only constant, and this year I find myself coping with a great deal of change on the work front. I'm excited about it and frightened by it at the same time. I've been searching the Internet for information on navigating a changing work environment, and I've been thinking over some things I'd like to share.

In this piece, written by Meghan Biro, a frequent contributor to, she explains five career drivers for the future of work. I found #5 particularly relevant: "curate everything". Relentless editing of your skills and experience makes so much sense to me.

As I develop my career, my skillset changes and I need to focus on what's important and leave behind what's no longer useful or interesting. I've had lengthy conversations about this very topic with my manager so that we're both on the same page going forward. Curating can be exciting because it means the door is always open to invite new experiences in while ditching those that no longer make sense to you or the organization.

One of the keys in my skillset is creativity, and so it stokes my soul to read something devilishly good like this piece from a British blog on how creative people are taking over the business world. The author asks, "Why is it that creativity and individuality, which used to be anathema to the corporate world, are now in great demand?" He goes on to insist that creativity isn’t a nice-to-have or a fun-to-do, it’s a matter of economic survival.

What I find great about creativity is that we all possess it, and we can all use it - regardless of what our job is. Creativity is just another word for constant change, and since we've all got to be on our toes, we might as well embrace change and view it as a chance to dust off our creative side. There are so many ways to be creative: in the way you view your job, the way you work with others, the way you seek to improve your performance, the way you live your life outside of work, what you make for supper or bring for lunch - there's vast potential for creativity everywhere and I don't think we see it that way, but maybe that's something that ought to change as we step boldly into the future of work.