Blue is a cool color that can also be relaxing so a blue bedroom might be the perfect place for you to crash after a long day. The alternate side is that blue paint can often end up looking like a baby boy's nursery so you want to be sure and find the perfect shade of paint so that you actually have a room you want to be in. Here are tips on balancing a blue bedroom to turn it into a sophisticated retreat and make it work with lots of different design styles.


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Depending on the shade you pick a blue bedroom can work for anyone in the family no matter their gender or age. Blue can even seem funky or modern. Try a teal bed in a bag to add daring color to a teen's bedroom. You can keep the walls a bright white and then bring in lots of accessories using fuchsia and neon green for a creative space that your teenager will easily be able to change out when she wants something different.

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Robin's Egg Blue

For a master bedroom you might want to have more sophistication. In this case tone down the paint. You can go in a robin's egg blue direction that has a touch of green to it so it won't look like baby blue. Then you can pair this with rich damask chocolate brown bedding and opulent velvet draperies. Keep the wood tones in this room dramatic and deep like espresso or mahogany and bring in the feeling of a luxury hotel suite with a chandelier. You can even hang a small chandelier over each night stand to act as bedside lamps and help turn the bed into a focal point.

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A navy bedroom might seem like it will be too dark to be comfortable. In this case you'll need to find balance so it doesn't feel oppressive. Bring in a cream faux fur rug and paint all the trim and furniture in the room a light color to help brighten things up. If all that blue paint just seems too dark then try upholstering squares in a rich satin or silk and make a faux headboard across an entire wall that will definitely get noticed. These types of wall treatments work well if your bed seems to get lost in a large room or if you have a platform bed or a plain bedroom that doesn't really get noticed.

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A turquoise bedroom can work for kids or even teens. It's also a way to break the rule of "blue is for boys". You can even have a turquoise nursery for a more modern look and it will work for a girl too if done correctly. You'll need to accessorize with feminine and softer elements like floral prints and bedding. This same color also works well if you live in an apartment or have painting restrictions. Instead, put the paint on your furniture. You can apply a glaze on heavily carved night stands with turquoise paint so it has a shabby chic look to it that is still bright and cheerful. This allows you to shop on a budget and get your rental deposit back when you move but it still allows you to add personality to a basic white box.

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With Themes

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You don't have to use bright colors in modern design. This may seem too childlike or garish in the room where you need to sleep. Instead, you can bring in subtle blue motifs that will have a big impact. You can buy large circular wall stickers that are perfect for a contemporary look and can even work in a boy's room. You can paint the walls close to the same color as the stickers for a tone on tone effect. Carry the circular motif onto the bedding. Make everything else in the room crisp white. The furniture should have clean lines so the focus is on the color instead of over the top furnishings.

When you think of the color blue this may remind you of the ocean or water. You can use a little paint to turn a basic guest room into your dream beach cottage retreat no matter where you are located. This works especially well if you have old gross paneling; it will look like fresh wainscoting after you prime and paint it white. This is an example of paint turning a liability into an asset for next to nothing. You can paint wood floors white and sand them down for a worn look. Another option is to go with blue and white checkerboards on the floor. Paint big squares and then lightly brush on the paint so it looks weathered. Then you can accessorize with cheap blue and white striped ticking for the curtains. This will create a feeling of a beach cottage so keep the nautical accessories to a minimum. You can always get your point across by putting a few of your favorite shells on the nightstand or hanging one simple anchor on the wall.

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For country style use a shade of blue that has a lot of gray in it. You can use this on an old armoire or on the walls. You want to find delicate furniture for balance such as an upholstered wing chair to create a reading nook or a white iron bed. Use natural wood on the floors and keep in mind that this is an area that you need to rest in so keep all of the knick knacks to a minimum. You can even base the room around your favorite denim quilt or an inherited piece of china for a sense of history and a chance to display your favorite items. Not every thing in the room should be blue because this can be depressing or make your space seem smaller. A green and blue bedroom creates a calming effect while a blue and yellow bedroom can be cheerful. It all just depends on how you want to feel in the space and your own personal preference.

A blue bedroom is a classic favorite color but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Depending on the shade it can work with all different design styles and aesthetics so get out that bucket of paint.

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