Navy challenge coins offer a wide variety of options for collecting. The military is where challenge coins originated and these tokens from the various branches of service remain the most collected. For those who specialize in Navy challenge coins the offerings are many. Some collect submarine tokens, battleship coins, destroyer coins, challenge coins featuring famous naval battles, Navy Seal coins or challenge coins dedicated to great Navy leaders of the past and present. The choices are almost endless.

Navy Challenge Coins - Submarines

Navy Challenge Coins

For fans of these underwater heroes, the Navy offers many challenge coins that can be highly specific. While the submarine subgroup may seem limited, it is anything but! Individual challenge coins have been created for almost every single submarine ever deployed. There are also entire sets dedicated to the various sub classes like Lafayette, George Washington, Ethan Allen, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and others. A collector of Navy challenge coins can easily dedicate an entire collection to just sub tokens. Like Air Force challenge coins, the Navy vessels are incredibly popular and the submarines and the submariners are near the top of the list.

Navy Challenge Coins - Ships

Easily outnumbering the submarine tokens are the great Navy ship challenge coins. Again, practically every ship in history is represented with many featured on several coins. Popular choices include the USS John F Kennedy, USS Ronald Reagan and the USS George Washington. Aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and frigates are all represented. Many of these ships were instrumental in turning the tide of various battles and skirmishes and are deservedly represented on these coins.

Navy Challenge Coins - Service men

Broad-based thematic Navy challenge coins feature Navy Seals, Navy Seabees, and general officer ranking insignia. The famous "Don't Tread on Me" motto also appears on several Navy challenge coins. There are also hundreds of challenge coins dedicated to specific enlisted naval heroes and other famous ship commanders. Past presidents that served in the Navy are also popular collectible challenge coins. From Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter all the way to George Bush the series of Presidential challenge coins appeal to cross collectors or both coins and political memorabilia.

Military challenge coins are a great tie to history and Navy challenge coins are an important part of this tradition. A rich Navy military history makes for a nearly endless supply of challenge coins to collect. A collector can hunt for various niches of naval life and still have a large collection. The ways to collect are endless and any approach to collecting is just as valid as the next. The amount of money spent to collect Navy challenge coins does not have to be great. There are many basic naval tokens that can be found both online and at swap meets for just a few dollars each. A striking display featuring these custom challenge coins can be a great conversation piece and a great collection to hand down to the next generation. Many collectors also add in other branches of the military and there are some great Marine challenge coins and Army challenge coins, too. Put some history in your hobby with a great new pastime.