Germany may have fallen in WWII, but the Nazis won the war and are still working towards their goal of a global empire. Many influential Nazis left Germany before and after the war to continue their work outside of the country. The same groups that funded this ideology are still around today funding and supporting politicians on both side of the aisle.
The rise of the Nazis was funded by many influential American families and American corporations. Much of this funding kept flowing all the way till the end of the war. According to Jim Marrs, the Standard Oil corporation supplied the oil for both the German and Japanese war machines as well as the special blends of gasoline used in their airplanes all the way through the war. Standard Oil also has close links to the infamous chemical company I.G. Farbon who produced the Zyklon B used in the gas chambers . The banking corporation J.P. Morgan, which is closely tied to the Rockefeller's Standard Oil company, also supplied and smuggled money to the Nazis. Ford and General Motors both supplied the Nazi war machine with various products. General Motors even had a factory operating in Germany until it was destroyed by American bombers. The company later sued the U.S. Government and American tax money was used to pay back a company who was supplying the enemy.
The incredible organization of the Nazi war machine as well as the holocaust would not have been possible without the aid of IBM. According to Edwin Black, from the beginning of the rise of the Nazis, IBM created a strategic alliance with the Nazis unlike companies like Ford and GM who only sold their products to the Nazis. Custom designed Hollerith punch card machines that IBM became the technology behind the holocaust. These primitive computers allowed the Nazis to store and organize large amounts of information pertaining to information pertaining to individuals, places, products, inventories, and schedules. The numbers tattooed on the arms of the victims were, in fact, IBM tracking numbers. Simply put, the holocaust would not have been possible without the aid of IBM.
Prescott Bush, a U.S. Senator and grandfather of president Bush, was the director and founding member of the Union Banking Corporation, or UBC, was employed at the banking firm Brown Brothers Harriman, or BBH, and had ties to the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company, CSSC. Both the UBC and BBH represented Fritz Thyssen's interests in America and acted as a chain of banks to hold German assets. Thyssen was a wealthy German industrialist who was a early member of the Nazi party and absolutely instrumental in the Nazi's rise to power. The CSSC used slave labor, partly from Auschwitz, in the mineral rich Silesian area between Poland and Germany to produce materials for the Nazi war machine. The CSSC was a business partner of Bush's BBH banking corporation. It is important to note that many of the other people involved in these business ventures with Bush, were "Bonesmen," more on this later.
There were also Americans closely linked to the Nazi eugenics programs. One of the most influential is Margaret Sanger, founder of the Birth Control League. Sanger had close ties to Ernst Rudin, Hitler's head of genetic sterilization. Sanger had proposed the disgusting racial hygiene project known as the "Negro Project" in which she wanted to start a program to secretly exterminate the African American population. She also tried to set up several birth control clinics in certain neighborhoods to purposely target all "non-white" races which she abhorred and believed to be inferior, and all religious fundamentalists, Catholics, and Jews and She often praised the Germany's pre-holocaust race purification programs. After the war she changed the name of her organization to Planned Parenthood, the biggest provider of abortions today.
After the end of the WWII there were 2 projects that helped spread Nazism far and wide. The first of these is Operation Paperclip. After the war the United Sates captured many German scientists. These scientists were given full immunity, regardless of the atrocities they had committed, and were flown into the United States to continue their work. The most notable of these scientists is Werner Von Braun, an ardent Nazi who designed the V2 rockets that terrorized London, who was instrumental in our space race. We also rebuilt the Nazi missile and unconventional aircraft facility in Peenemunde in Groom Lake Nevada, usually referred to as Area-51. It is interesting to note that at the end of the war the scientists had what can only be described as flying saucers on the drawing boards at Peenemunde. Over one hundred thousand German scientists and their families got out of the country from this program.
The other program was launched by Hitler's personal secretary, Martin Bormann, and was called Operation Eagle Flight. Bormann saw the writing on the wall, that Germany would lose the war, and decided the flee the country with some 5000 others, to Argentina with billions in assets. With this money over 750 corporations, media conglomerates, and baking institutions were formed. Another 700 companies were started with money and assets that were stored in Swiss banks. Some companies still exist today, such as the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann, which is currently the largest publisher in the English language. Bertelsmann was also the largest publisher of Nazi propaganda during WWII.
The influence of these scientists, many of which are unknown due to the secrecy of this program, extends far. A rather disturbing example is the fluoridation of our water supply. Though no direct link between a known Nazi scientist and fluoridation of our water has ever been shown, the influence is clear. Sodium fluoride, which is a byproduct of aluminum production, had never been used for anything other than rat poison before WWII. However, the Nazis put sodium fluoride in the water supply of their concentration camps in order to keep the prisoners passive and nonresistant. Today, 2/3 of the U.S. Water supply has sodium fluoride purposely added.
The artificial sweetener aspartame was once listed as a potential biochemical weapon by the Pentagon. The current patent holder for Aspartame is the Monsato Co., which was a partner of I. G. Farben. John Reed, a friend of Adolf Hitler who helped finance the original publishing of Mein Kampf, sat on the board of directors of Mansato Co. Reed if also connected to Rockefeller controlled banking institutions and the CIA. Aspartame turns to formaldehyde at the temperature of the human body(The 4th). Aspartame has been shown to cause change brain chemistry, cause brain damage, and brain tumors. Today this poison is used a common sugar substitute (Constantine). This is nothing less than Nazi science.
The ideology behind Nazism is clearly represented in the U.S. government today. Nazi ideology is nothing more than a form of fascism, which according to Mussolini is better described as corporatism. This is the blending of corporate and government power. These governments gain their power over the people in 2 ways. The first is propaganda through the media, and the second is accusing political disinters of being "unpatriotic" or a "terrorist." Through these titles the government can get away with whatever it wants. To these governments the end always justifies the means.
With members of Congress and the Senate supporting the corporate lobbyists over the citizens who elected them, and presidents spreading the U.S. Empire far an wide, it is clear that fascism didn't die with the Nazis.
These ideology of these has been perpetuated in American by secret societies and think tanks. Skull and Bones is a secret society based out of Yale. Notable members of this group include George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr. , Prescott Bush, John Kerry and various other members of the government, media giants, and banking corporations. There are only 15 new members, called "Bonesmen" admitted every year, so there can never be many more than 600 living members at any one time. Members refuse to talk about the group, though George Bush and John Kerry both admitted to being members during the 2004 election. Therefor showing more loyalty to this group than to the people who would be electing them. This group has had far reaching, and sometimes nefarious, influence in American politics since it began.
The Bilderberg Club is a private, invite only, group of about 100 guests that meets every year. The group consists of people who are influential in politics, business, and banking from around the world who meet in secret to decide public policy. This usually includes heads of media conglomerates, heads of banking, heads of state-including U. S. presidents, presidential advisors and cabinet members, congressman, and senators.
The Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations both were started and funded by by David Rockefeller. These 2 groups, members including, once again, top government officials, top media corporations, oil companies, and bankinging institutions, effectively work towards globalisation and openly towards the abolishment of national sovereignty. Dick Cheney was once a direct of the CFR and many of Obama's advisors and cabinet members are members of one or both organizations. Through Obama's associations it is clear that he is still supporting the status quo. Now thats change I can believe in.
Though the Nazis fell in WWII there are still groups of high ranking people seeking to create a global empire from blending corporate and governmental powers and controlling public opinion through the media.