Tattoos designs

Tattoo art has become a regular fashion statement in today’s life. From Celebes to a commoner everyone is crazy about tattoo art. It can be done anywhere in your body provided you have the tolerance limit to get the tattoo done on some of your delicate parts of the body. Neck is one such part of your body. Because of the smaller surface area a smaller tattoo can be inked here. There are lots of neck tattoo designs on the net which might confuse you to select a proper one for you. We are here to guide you with some sample of tattoo designs. In those olden days tribal people used to portray their bodies as a canvass on which tattoos were inscribed. But that time it used to be considered as some kind of voodoos or something related to dark magic. Gradually it has taken place in modern fashion where it is today.


This is highly popular with the rock artist or with the models. In this regard thigh tattoos are also very stylish and add an oomph factor to the owner especially girls.

Selecting a suitable tattoo for your body is a master’s job, so if you have decided to get a tattoo done on your skin, without wasting time goes to professional artist or a parlor. Make sure the place is hygienic otherwise you might land up with an infection through the needle.


Neck tattoo designs for girls

 Tattoo designs are same for all although there are some paints which are perfect for ladies. We are happy to present few neck tattoo ideas here for your consideration. But we request you that before going to paint takes an advice from an expert because neck is very sensitive place.

Butterfly designs

Butterfly tattoos look very elegant and stylish on girls’ body. It represents beauty. These are small and appropriate for neck space. Other than beauty it also depicts freedom and lucky charm. Butter flies are colorful hence it will act as a vibrant zing to your personality. Butterfly tattoos can in thousand shapes. Butterfly nipping from the bud, butterfly perching on a flower and so much more. This tiny creature with its colorful wings depicts joy and merriment in anyone’s life. This is a highly recommended neck tattoo design for girls.

 Flower Tattoos

 Flower is another colorful design for girls that can be inked as tattoo design. Like butterfly this is also very delicate absolutely suited for a girl’s nature. There are thousands species of flowers. Each and every flower is different from others.  Their meaning also varies. All these you will get to know if take a bit trouble to go to some tattoo sites and search thoroughly. It can be painted along with a vine or with a match of a tiny bird or even with a butterfly.

Zodiac Tattoos

 From the name itself it is clearly apprehensible that these are for those guys who ardently follow zodiac signs in whatever they do.  This has made its entry for last few years. Some people would love to let the whole world know about their signs and there is no other means but to paint their own skin with that particular sign. Generally girls go crazy about these zodiac signs hence they can paint their own signs at the back of the neck.

 Heart Tattoos

 Everyone loves this love sign. From the early days of civilization this sign has been in use to express love and related relationship. So there is no doubt about it that it will take its own place in tattoo fashion world also. But again there are varieties of heart shapes have been used in tattoo art as it carries different meaning altogether A red heart with arrow means the person is love struck, a bleeding heart definitely indicates brutally hurt by the loved ones betrayal, heart with wings and so on. But the most popular is inscribing lovers name in the middle of the heart.

 Text Tattoos

 This is also another form of tattoo art that is going on these days. It can be a love quote in a particular language or even simply ‘I love you’ can be written in different language. A master tattoo artist can really turn these texts in a beautiful tattoo art by using colorful fonts, styles or designs. Most preferred script by the girls is the Japanese script. But a word of caution is anyone who wishes to paint a text tattoo should know the meaning of that particular then go for it.

 We hope these ideas will help you to choose the right design for you. Before going to paint your skim you should go through about the tattoo care. Permanent tattoo making is quite painful hence one should give a good thought about it and should go to only professional tattoo art maker. 

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