Maybe you don’t like the idea of a money belt, but would prefer another type of secure system.  This is where a neck wallet would also make a great alternative to a regular wallet you leave in your back pocket.

A neck wallet for men, secures around the neck and under your shirt.  You still have complete access to your cash, credit cards and papers, such as airline tickets and passports, without the fear of leaving it somewhere or having it stolen.

There are many different systems on the market now for keeping our cash and papers safe, and using money belts for men around the waist is another great way to keep your cash Neck Walletsand papers close to your body and in front rather than in the back pocket.

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But if you don’t like the idea of a money belt for men you can get neck wallets for men and women that are soft, many are made of silk, and are secure enough to hold onto all your cash and papers.  You can get them out of this neck wallet quickly when you need to show them, such as at the airport or while travelling.

Money wallets for men were once very popular in the early years before credit cards and electronic banking came to be.  Many people did everything with cash therefore they would always want to safe guard their cash by keeping it close to their body and where they could feel it. 

It was pretty hard to pick pocket a money belt that was kept close to the front of the body.  But as time wore on and not so much cash was used, pocket wallets became more popular.

Although many people do not carry the same amount of cash as they once did, they do tend to carry credit cards and debit cards and other identification that they don’t want stolen or lost.

As regular wallets get stuffed with cards and receipts they tend to get bulkier and are easier to get at in a back pocket in a crowded situation, such as on trains where many people are standing close.

By keeping your cash in a neck wallet, you know exactly where it is.  It is disguised well under your shirt, and is secure.  This is a much harder place to quickly pick pocket from you.

This way your money is always with you, even if you end up getting tag teamed and robbed like my friend did.  He always left his wallet in the console of the car.  Then an older lady asked him to look at his tire since it looked flat.  He quickly got out but did not lock the door, and next thing you know her partner had gone off with his wallet.

It is a pain to get everything replaced, so it is best to keep important cards and cash close to your heart with either a neck wallet for men or money belts for men, and keep everything within easy reach for that great trip you have been planning or just as a way to not lose sight of your wallet.