You are all ready to go out, dressed up, make up on, all you need to do is put that special necklace on and you are good to go. However, when you open your jewelry box, you find necklaces tangled up together. You will have to spend the next twenty minutes trying to untangle them. This is never fun to do. The frustration levels go out through the roof and you are lucky if you don't end up with your favorite necklace in pieces.

This is a very common scenario, which gets worse with every new necklace you buy. The best way to save yourself from this trouble is to get a necklace holder. There are all sorts of them on the market today, in all price ranges and various designs, so everybody can find one they need.

The most expensive ones are called the jewelry tree, as their design resembles a tree with branches on it, which you will be hanging your necklaces and bracelets from. You will also be able to hang hour earrings from the branches. The branches are carefully positioned around the trunk to avoid necklaces hanging directly above each another, giving the appearance of fully decorated Christmas tree.

The one that is placed on the floor is much larger and can hold longer necklaces, such as long opera necklaces. They also serve as a decoration in your bedroom. With some additional features, like special lights, they can be very attractive.

More affordable jewelry trees are made of acrylic or plastic. There are also desktop variants, which are very handy, especially for those smaller pieces of jewelry. They are also cheaper in price.
Wall mounted pieces come in all shapes and sizes, from small to the large pieces that take almost half of your bedroom wall. You can choose the background to go with your bedroom interior color. The advantage of the wall mounted holder is that all your necklaces are easily seen, and you can easily pick the one that you want.

The wall mounted holders are another popular choice. With these, there are no rules when it comes to the shape and size as they are available in various sizes. They can be made from plastic, wood, metal and so on. Some individuals prefer making this type themselves and that is a great idea if you have an artistic side.

Another popular style is the T-bar necklace holder. It is great for necklaces, but you will also be able to put your bracelets and earrings on it. Some of them even come with a small box that is attached to the base of it. That box can be used for smaller pieces of jewelry, such as rings.
The necklace holder is popular amongst many women. They are great to have around the house, because you will not have to waste your precious time untangling and breaking the jewelry. If you are on a small budget, then we are sure you can find one that fits your personality and taste.