Neddies Harbour Inn was like a haven when we came up on it.  As per usual our holiday, was not really booked or planned.  We had a vague idea of where we wanted to go while visiting Newfoundland, and after landing in St. John’s and one night in a local hotel, we got out the map and decided on what we wanted to see.Neddies Harbour InnCredit: Neddies harbour inn website

We got into our rental car, and off we went.  There is a reason why they call this province the “rock” the rugged beauty is absolutely amazing.  We drove all day (approx. 700 km) to the Gros Morne National Park, and had decided we would like to spend a day or two there, doing some hiking and exploring. 

So, we were hungry and tired after a long day of driving and checking out sites, when we finally got to the park.  We then decided it was time to find a place to stay and explore better the next day.  There were smaller places that were already booked up, as it was July, things can get busy.

We stopped at a local restaurant for a bite to eat and then asked where to stay.  The girl working in the restaurant, suggested a few places, but they we full, but then she pointed up the road at this beautiful resort on the water and said we could try there.  We looked uNeddies Inn Viewsp at this resort and were amazed.

It was stunning where it was situated, and we were keeping our fingers crossed that we could get in.  It is the perfect hideaway.  Lucky for us there was “room at the inn” actually Neddies Harbour Inn.

The views are stunning, and they do their best to reduce their environmental foot print.  They have an award winning restaurant as well as the accommodations and this entire area is actually in the Gros Morne National Park.

We were only going to stay there a night or two, but we ended up using this Neddies Inn as our “base camp” we loved it so much.  We only stayed out a night or two elsewhere while travelling through the province, and made sure to also end our trip here in this great inn.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a treat this inn was for us.  This inn contains 15 queen or king sized rooms, with ultra modern conveniences, so it is a nice size but not huge anNeddies InnCredit: Neddies Inn websited fits in well with the environment here.  There is also an exercise room, and sauna.  But the best part for me was the hospitality of the owners, and the views from this Inn.  Even while enjoying a quiet breakfast or romantic dinner you can enjoy the scenery through the larger windows.

You get a great view of the Tableland Mountains of Newfoundland, and this is such a great place to relax after checking out the trails and mountains of Gros Morne Park.

If you find yourself heading to Newfoundland for a vacation or are planning a business seminar or retreat, then consider the Neddies Harbour Inn, they cater to meetings as well there, plus what better place to be, than inside the Gros Morne National Park?

This would make the perfect retreat.  The views of Newfoundland are stunning, and it would be good to book ahead.  We were lucky as we took the chance, but what an amazing inn to just come upon while exploring.  You can’t beat the hospitality of the people in Newfoundland.