Most travel mugs come in 12 or 16 ounce sizes but there are some really good 24 oz coffee mugs too. A 24 ounce thermal coffee mug can not only hold more coffee, tea, or other kind of drink but it can keep the temperature of your drink in the right zone for much longer than a non-insulated mug can. In fact most smaller mugs don't always need to be insulated because it doesn't usually take very long for someone to drink 12 or 16 ounces drinks but the larger quantity you consume the longer it will take you to drink – if you are going to get a larger travel mug paying a little more money for an insulated thermal travel mug may be worth your added expense.

If you really think about it most travel mugs are simply cheap mugs designed to cap the top and prevent major spills for when you are in the care. These cheap coffee mugs don't usually sell for more than $5-$10 a pieces and they can easily be found at any automotive store or discount superstore like Walmart or Target. The better mugs however can easily cost over $20 a piece but can give you much more in terms of quality.

If for instance you were to buy a cheap plastic 24 oz travel mug you could probably bet that the mug wouldn't keep your coffee hot for the amount of time it takes you to drink a full 24 ounces. This obviously is dependent on the speed at which you drink your coffee but it is safe to assume that most people would have to drink uncomfortably fast to get through their drink before it gets cold.

To keep a drink hot for a long time you really need proper insulation in your travel mug. The best travel mugs to keep your coffee hot are very well insulated around the sides as well as the cap and it's why smaller ceramic coffee mugs tend to have little or no insulation at all – they are simply small enough that you are less likely to need the thermal insulation.

Extra Benefits Of Thermal Travel Mugs

24 Oz Cupco Travel MugNot only do thermal coffee mugs help keep your coffee hot and your cold drinks cold but because of the thermal caps they use they are also usually capable of preventing spills. In fact most no spill coffee travel mugs also have very good thermal insulation. Thermal travel mugs tend to keep your drinks at the right temperature and tend to be safer and more preventative for drips, leaks, and accidents.

You can imagine how important this is too when you are carrying around 24 ounces or more of coffee. If you were to spill a regular sized 8 ounce coffee cup or even a 16 ounce stainless steel travel mug you would have a big mess but spilling a 24 ounce or larger mug full of coffee or drink could start to get very difficult to clean up after. It would take a lot of paper towels to sop up 24 oz of liquid. Some cheap 24 oz coffee mugs may have a cap to contain a lot of a spill this big but most thermal mugs are made with better lids making these spills much less significant.

Shopping online or in stores you will find that larger mugs will naturally be a bit more expensive than smaller travel mugs and thermal mugs will naturally be a bit more expensive than non insulated mugs. If you do want a large capacity travel cup it's generally worth it to pay the extra money to get something with an excellent lid that will prevent leaks and spills which also has high quality thermal insulating. The added cost will not be too great and you will also enjoy an overall higher quality item making your purchase that much more worthwhile.