If you're unemployed and need cash now with no job, worry not! There are numerous ways to make money without being formally employed as long as you can think outside the box.

First, consider working for friends or relatives. Are you a wonderful housekeeper or are you handy around the house? People with demanding schedules are often more than willing to pay someone else to worry about the cleanliness of their house. Do you have an amazing lasagna recipe? Offer to cook for a busy family - this could save a family a lot of money over the cost of restaurant food. If you enjoy caring for pets, offer to walk neighborhood dogs while their owners are at work. Set reasonable rates, and family and friends will use your services rather than expensive professional services.

Second, when you need cash fast consider selling some of your things. If you have fine jewelry that you never wear, consider selling it to a local pawn shop or jeweler. But be wary of the "Cash for Gold" scam! Try to sell jewelry locally and never send jewelry to a company without first receiving payment.

Consider also selling clothing, furniture, and other things either online or at a second-hand shop. Selling items online does take a certain amount of effort, but if you need cash now with no job, it can be very effective. Craigslist.com and Facebook Marketplace offer free listings with no commission charge, and Ebay.com offers 5 free listings every 30 days. Be sure to price your items to sell - people who frequent these sites are looking for a bargain. Do your friends or relatives have items that they want to get rid of but don't have the time to sell? Offer to sell them online for commission. If furniture, jewelry or other expensive items are sold, a 20% commission could add up to a lot of cash very quickly.

If you prefer to sell the old-fashioned way, have a yard sale! Collect things from friends and family and advertise heavily in your neighborhood. Offer to take people's old furniture, refurbish it, and then sell it at a yard sale.

Third, monitor sites like Craigslist that advertise local jobs. Some of the jobs advertised are short term and seek help with housework, house repair or driving services.

Fourth and finally, consider an online career! No, you will never make $7000 per week, but if you're a talented writer or know a lot about certain topics, it is possible to earn money if you need cash now but have no job. Consider writing for About.com, Ehow.com or Textbroker.com - payments per article based on talent and length can vary from $2.00 to $7.00. It is also possible to make money taking surveys online if you find a reputable company and take surveys consistently.