Are you struggling financially to make ends meet? Do you need extra cash to get all your bills paid? These days, many people strive to spend their money wisely and they often forgo luxuries because they can barely afford necessities.

Does that sound like you? Well if it does, here is a list of 7 companies that you should know about. Working with any one of them may provide the monetary relief you need. You might earn a little extra spending cash or you may find your ideal career.


Amway is a direct selling company with over three million independent business owners. The Amway Corporation was started in 1959 by Rich DeVos and his business partner, Jay Van Andel. The current president Doug DeVos, is the youngest son of Rich and Helen DeVos.

Both Rich and Dough believe that their fundamental principles of freedom, family, hope, and reward, hold as true today as they did when the company was first started.

Amway products include nutrition & wellness, beauty, bath & body, home products, gift, food & beverages, jewelry & apparel, B2B products, and pets.

The company currently has more than 800 patents granted and more than 600 pending. Their business model is based on the Amway business owner compensation plan, which is "A low-risk, low-cost business opportunity that is open to everyone."

By becoming an Amway business owner, you will earn money for selling products, and for referring and sponsoring others who do the same. You can earn income from retail profit on product sales; monthly performance bonuses; annual leadership bonuses and other cash awards and business incentives based on group performance.

Amway maintains that they will support your business "every step of the way." They offer customer care, business management, order management, plus an "Independent Business Owner (IBO) Organization" that you can become involved with to receive mentoring, training and marketing tools.

To become an Amway business owner, you must register with Amway, you can find more information on their website:


The "world's leader" in anti-aging skincare, fragrance and cosmetics offers make-up, advanced skin care, bath and body, hair care, wellness, fragrance, and other products.

The founder of Avon, David H. McConnell built the company on "Solid values and principles with a longstanding commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity." Avon has been in business since 1886 and has a highly diverse global workforce of nearly 42,000 employees.

Their vision is to be "The Company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women globally." Their products are sold by a network of over five million independent sales representatives.

Some of the benefits to becoming an Avon sales representative are a flexible home-based business, minimum start-up investment, set your own hours, no required inventory, incredible earning potential, and excellent opportunities exclusive to Avon.

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a sales representative. If you are interested, you can find additional information and an application on their website:

Dove Chocolate Discoveries™

 Mars Inc., a leader in the candy industry has brought name brand chocolate into the direct sales market industry with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Launching in 2007, the company brings a new idea to the "home party" market.

By joining Dove, you can share your enthusiasm for chocolate as a "Chocolatier." No experience is necessary and you will learn to facilitate Chocolate Tasting Parties.

The company offers professional development training programs and tools to help expand your entrepreneurial business skills.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries will give you the freedom to work for yourself and increase your finances. You will have the flexibility to set your own business hours and make new friends through Tasting Parties. Have fun, love what you do and share joy.

Your initial investment will depend on the kit you select. There are three to choose from;

Kit #1: This kit contains three pounds of chocolate, a fondue set and a selection of other products and printed materials.

Kit#2: This kit includes enough chocolate, mixes and printed materials to hold your first four to six tasting parties.

Kit #3: This kit gives you a full complement of professional candy making equipment, in addition to more products and printed material. With this kit, you can demonstrate candy making like a "pro" and expand your customer opportunities.

To become a Chocolatier, go to the Dove Chocolate Discoveries website:

Jewels by Park Lane

Founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, Jewels by Park Lane is a direct sales jewelry party plan company.

Their motto is; "Fabulous jewelry for women of every age, with designs for men and children." Jewels by Park Lane offer quality jewelry backed by an "Unconditional Guarantee."

A standard kit is required to begin your career with Jewels by Park Lane. The company also advertises a "limited time starter kit sale." To take advantage, you will have a "Sponsor" who will use their own kit at an introduction show. The sponsor will work with you to try and obtain a minimum of $500 in sales, plus booking future shows. Once you have the sales and your booking line-up is secure, you may complete an application and submit a registration plus a 'Kit handling' fee.

You build your business through recruiting and becoming a sponsor for other new sales representatives. You can earn override commissions through the people you sponsor. Build a team and you can qualify for promotions, higher personal commission and increased percentages of overrides and cash bonuses.

No experience is necessary. If you are interested, you can sign-up on their website, and Jewels by Park Lane will contact a manager in your area to "guide you ever step of the way." Their website:

Mary Kay®

Mary Kay has been a global name in the skin care and beauty industry for over 45 years. They are one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics in the world.

The company was started in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash and her son, Richard. Founded on the "Golden Rule of praising people to success," and on the principle of placing "Faith first, family second and career third." It is a company, as Mary Kay Ash often said "with heart."

The products are sold through "Independent Beauty Consultants," who are given instruction in person, online and in print. They are taught techniques for applying makeup and other expert advice to share with their customers. Consultants sell products at parties, online or "On the go."

The initial start-up cost will provide for enough products and samples to share with 30 people. For additional information or to sigh-up go to their website:

Pampered Chef®

A direct selling company of "high quality multifunctional" kitchen products, Pampered Chef has locations in the United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Earn an income while enjoying a flexible schedule as a Pampered Chef Consultant. The company offers "Engaging training" through interactive web courses, "tele-classes," local sales meetings and national events.

Pampered Chef offers incentives and rewards; they provide professional business supplies, catalogs and brochures. In addition, you can receive a monthly magazine and weekly updates.

The purchase of a Consultant kit is your initial investment and, there are two to choose from. For more information or to sign-up, visit their website:


Their website claims "Somewhere in the world, a Tupperware party starts every 2.2 seconds." A leader in the direct sales market, Tupperware is a brand known for its quality and convenience.

Whether you're looking for a little extra money or would like to build a career on "your own terms," Tupperware can help you make it happen.

As a Tupperware Consultant, you will benefit from more than 50 years of experience and proven business practices, every step of the way.

The initial investment is the purchase of a business kit. There are two to choose from, the Business kit or the Executive Business kit.

To become a consultant you can contact a Tupperware Consultant in your area or go to their website:


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