My Stucco Color Choice - SilveradoCredit: Personal photo by E. GreenAre the best stucco colors only the ones that fade the least? Or are the best stucco colors simply the ones that suit your own home or your own neighborhood the most? What other considerations should factor into your decision to determine what’s best for your home or any home's beauty and appearance.

Homeowners now have a much broader spectrum of exterior stucco color schemes to choose from when painting houses and choosing a wall paint color for their home’s exterior. This broader pool of stucco house colors present both risks and rewards. 

Risks and Rewards When Choosing Paint Colors

Bolder and more experimental stucco color choices can be made, yet living with a bold exterior paint color may not suit your home’s appearance, help your home fit seamlessly in your neighborhood or enhance your efforts to sell your home quickly if you are preparing a house for sale. The best stucco colors for a quick home sale may be different than the color you might initially gravitate towards. Generally speaking, lighter and neutral colors help sell homes faster.

Take the time to carefully select a stucco color for your home. Your choice will create a significant first impression of your home and possibly affect your home’s resale value. You have chosen to paint your home to enhance its appearance, protect the exterior surfaces of your home, update or freshen up the look of your home and to improve your home's curb appeal. All this can be done with the selection of the right color choice for your house. Consider colors wisely. Give some thought to suitability of warm tones versus cool colors. Which do you prefer? There are so many reasons to carefully consider your selection.

Stucco Painting Your Home is a Big Job

Stucco painting or any paint job of a home’s exterior is a big home repair project and a costly one. It is likely that most homeowners will have to live with their choice of a paint color for an appreciable amount of time. Make the most of the money you spend by making a stucco color selection with some care and deliberation beforehand.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Stucco Colors

Do you belong to a homeowner’s association? Might your HOA limit exterior color schemes or stucco color ideas to pre-selected stucco colors?  Or could your HOA only approve painting stucco homes a narrow range of standard color selections? If this is the case, you will need to know this information before you paint your home and make a choice from a limited palette of colors.

When painting stucco consider the color of your roof. In what climate and state is your home? What stucco paint colors would look best in your region of the country? Not all stucco paint colors or stucco paint brands are available nationally.

These questions and more will impact your selection of exterior stucco color schemes and the stucco color coat you may be able to buy or choose in your state or region of the country. For instance, exterior stucco color schemes that suit stucco homes in California or New Mexico may be different, unsuitable or unavailable for sale in the Pacific Northwest or New England and vice versa.

Other Factors

Is your home large or small? Is your house a traditional looking home with old world charm or is your residence a very modern looking home with few embellishments and straight contemporary lines?  Think about all of these factors and more before making your final stucco color selection.

Is your home strictly an investment property? Or do you plan on selling your home in a few years time? As mentioned previously, give this particular question some real thought as your home's resale value could be adversely affected by your choice of stucco colors.

How to Choose the Right Stucco Colors

Look to color experts and house painters who have experience with color and stucco color combinations.

Seek general rules of thumb when it comes to color. If you home is a traditional home, what colors look best for your home's architecture? If you have a red roof versus a gray one and you do not plan on replacing your roof anytime soon, what stucco color will complement your red tile roof? Do you have any mature trees or flowers that you might want to show off to their best advantage when you choose a stucco color for your home? Do you live in a densely shaded area? Your color choice will be impacted by these elements and your landscaping.

Choosing an exterior color for a home is not an easy choice for everyone. I struggled with my decision before I made my final color choice and chose a light gray color for the stucco color coat for my stucco home in California.

My home looks beautiful and I love the color I finally selected after some anxiety and thought. You will need to likewise consider many factors when you next paint your stucco house. What will be the best stucco colors for you to use when you stucco paint your home?

There are many very good-looking stucco colors and shades to select for stucco painting homes. The below article further advises 10 steps that I used to help me make a successful stucco color choice. Try these steps if choosing stucco house colors is difficult or overwhelming to you as well. It is my hope that this guide provides you added and beneficial information to ease your own selection of just the right stucco color for your home.

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