Practical debt solutions do exist for your personal debt struggles. It is hoped that this article can help you with some solutions to become debt free.

It seems nowadays that we are all struggling with some form of debt. Over the past twenty years our consumption has been over the top and we are not suffering with a debt hangover.

Many of us are looking for consumer debt solutions and are not sure where to turn. Some have turned to expensive debt consolidation companies and realized that it may not have been their best solution to their debt.

Sometimes we think we have to take drastic measures to solve our debt problems. We may take the first debt solution option that comes along because we just want to become debt free as fast as we can.

Here are some proactive things you can do right now that are more practical debt solutions without taking drastic debt consolidation steps.

1. Take stock of your consumer debt by making a list of all of your debts and all of the creditors that you owe these debts to.

2. What are the interest rates that you are paying? Sort out your debt from the highest to lowest interest rate.

3. Call your creditors and see if they can reduce your interest rate. They may not, but it is certainly worth a try.

4. See if you can do a balance transfer to some cards with the lower credit card interest rate. See if your credit line can be increased on these lower interest cards to accommodate this. Make sure the balance transfer fee makes it worthy of your effort.

5. Stop spending unnecessarily. You have most likely heard this before, but it is truly important.

6. Make sure you still treat yourself to things that are important to you every so often or you may start charging more. This is similar to someone being on a deprivation diet that runs out and eats a whole chocolate cake after a couple of weeks.

7. Consumer Credit Counseling is a non-profit counseling agenc y that can help give you the debt counseling you may need. Consumer Credit Counseling can offer debt crisis solutions and have an excellent reputation.

It is hoped that some of these practical debt solutions were helpful to you. It is hoped that you can get out of debt and solve your debt problems sooner than later.

You will feel lighter, freer, and happier when you solve your debt problems.

Michelle Tee