Most of us have those days when we just do not have any idea what to cook. It is well known that homemade is healthier because you can control the ingredients that go into your meal. Not only that, but home cooked meals will save you a tremendous amount of money.

Magazines and even some catalogs often come with recipes and full color photos of simple but delicious meals. I cut out and tape photos of meals that look good to me on the inside of my cupboard doors for times when I need inspiration. I don’t worry about following a recipe; just the main idea is good enough to get me started in a direction with ingredients already on hand. A little of this, a little of that…

However, it would be just as easy to attach the recipe to the photo if you do not like to wing it. Make sure that you have the standard ingredients you need for your favorite recipes on hand so you will not be tempted to give up and head for fast food needlessly. For me, these include tomato sauce, pastas, rice, frozen meats and vegetables and of course a good selection of my favorite herbs and spices.

Attach copies of your own proven favorite recipe cards to the inside of your cupboards as well. It saves digging through your recipe files to find what you are looking for, and the trouble of re-filing the cards after dinner. Use painters tape so as not to mar the finish and for easier removal.

In my household we like to make smoothies for breakfast, but it is nice to have variety along the way. We made a little chart with columns listing our favorite combinations to refer to, and put it inside a cupboard door near the blender.  Keeping a selection of frozen fruits makes it easy to vary your diet, as well as reducing the amount of ice needed to cool your smoothie.

If all else fails and you are really in a hurry, another simple way to have a quick meal at home or on the go is to make yourself an appetizer plate with items such as hard-boiled eggs, veggie sticks, a little dressing or dip, and some hearty crackers.