Good parents say you should get an education to do something you love. If what you love just happens to be having job security and making money than you should find yourself a job in these growing fields.

Healthcare. There's always room in healthcare.

Healthcare is a permanently growing job field. Not everyone has the endurance and dedication to become a rich doctor though.

It's a good thing that doctors are not all the healthcare field needs.

Jobs hiring registered nurses have always been in high demand, and it's still growing! From now to 2020 the job market for registered nurses is expected to grow according to the United States department of Labor statistics that were released in 2010.

The average Registed Nurse makes around 50,000 a year.

registered nurse(114648)Why has this market continued to grow so large for so long? With the ever quick aging of the baby boomers, hospitals are in desperate need of people to take care of them. Being a registered nurse opens you up to a lot of other opportunities other than being a hospital nurse, including being a school nurse and a private nurse. However, hospitals are the most aggressive recruiters. If they are in desperate need, they have been known to cover moving expenses and provide assistance on student loans.

Don't get the wrong idea, being a registered nurse is not the most fun job. It involves a lot of long hours on their feet and exposure to some fairly shocking and saddening portions of the human experience.

It's not the easiest job, but if you want job security for most of your life and they ability to easily find a job out of college wherever you go, studying to be a registered nurse is your right path.


Information Technology

The the Dot Com bubble may have burst in the early 2000's, but the field for IT professionals is still growing strong. It's never too late to learn your tech stuff, but it's difficult to remain competitive in the IT field because the technology is always changing. If you feel that you should never stop learning in life, IT would make that happen for you.

With the recent attacks by Anon and worldwide hackers, cyber security professionals are highly sought after to protect corporations assets and sensitive information.

Working in the information technology field is not the "plug in the power cord and go' field it was in the 90's, now seemingly everybody thinks they are an IT expert now. It can be kind of a mentally abusive field since everybody thinks their problems should be fixed right away.

However, if you bother to learn the skills that are sought after like programming and certain software experience, you can be making easily 40,000 a year right out of college.


Engineers are always sought after, now more than ever though. As the United States math and science standards continues to fall, up goes the demand for engineers that are required to excel in those skills.

mechanical engineerThere are a large amount of entry level positions that you can acquire right out of college with a simple engineering degree, but the most employed are mechanical engineers and computer engineers. With the advance of technology and the increase in baby boomers who have occupied the engineering jobs with their years of knowledge retiring, demand has never been higher.


Entry level engineer jobs can land you a cool 50,ooo starting salary out of college and most jobs have a large amount of room for engineers to advance.