Corporate Gift Idea

The Corporate Gift Idea: A Modern Perennial Problem

Do you need a corporate gift idea?As if gift-giving weren't stressful enough by itself and with family you know well, your ultra-corporate boss probably isn't going to appreciate what your crazy Uncle Bob will gladly accept. That is why you're here, to get a good corporate gift idea.

What Makes an Appropriate Corporate Gift Idea?

A successful corporate gift idea will be one that can supply basic holiday cheer, but still remain generic enough to avoid offending your professional coworker. You might have success getting your corporate gift idea from general observation around the office. Tidy Tina would probably appreciate a holiday-themed organizer. Golf-crazed Gary would surely enjoy a new set of golf headcovers. Essentially, you can learn a lot about people's passions outside of work, merely by taking a glance at their desk.

Tailor your Corporate Gift Idea to your Workplace

If you can't get a personalized corporate gift idea from observing their work area, you can sometimes fall back upon the classic stand-by: alcohol. Of course, there must be the disclaimer, that you must think about the environment of your workplace and the preferences of your coworkers. Clearly, if you are working amongst a more sober set of habitual marathoners, perhaps a bottle of gin would send the wrong message. If, however, you've observed alcohol gifts being well-received in the past, a nice bottle of Scotch could be just the corporate gift idea you're looking for.

Corporate Gift Idea Nightmares and Fallbacks

Secret Santa, there has got to be mention of this phenomenon within the corporate world. And (cringe) what if you get the super quiet mousy temp in the corner? A corporate gift idea for her would be difficult to drum up. In instances such as these, bearing gift baskets full of yummy seasonal treats can never go wrong. Chocolate covered turtles, gourmet coffee, truffles, yoghurt-dipped pretzels and delicious macaroons will be a hit with most any difficult to please corporate demographic. Always remember, in a tight spot, that the mere gesture and effort behind your giving can be the most touching. Keep this in mind if you are ever not comfortable with your corporate gift idea, and cut yourself some slack because, after all, the difficulty with corporate gift-giving stems from the fact that you must give a gift to someone who you must necessarily maintain a professional distance from.

Getting a Corporate Gift Idea from Those Who Know Best

Veteran coworkers are an untapped resource of intimate workplace knowledge and can be the perfect place to turn when you're looking for a corporate gift idea. The secretary of fifteen years can probably tell you the ideal corporate gift idea for each coworker. If you happen to be on friendly terms with any of your coworkers' spouses or family members, and they make regular visits to the office, you can try pulling them aside to ask them what a good corporate gift idea would be for their loved one.