With the hard times in economy these days I thought that it would be helpful to provide a list of sources that helped me find a place to work.  Whether you are looking to find a job in the IT field, childcare, or a nurse, these are vey helpful sources that will sure help you find the right career for yourself.  Don't take the very first low paying job that you find.  Interview at several places to find the best job that suites your needs and your lifestyle.

10 sources to help look for work:


1.Internet sites such as Monster, and CareerBuilders- most of these are free to register sites anad you do not need to worry about paing a monthly fee or even a sign up fee when looking for a career.  This is the way that it should be.  These are helpful sites because you can upload your resume directly onto the site and future employers can find you from there.

2.Your networking friends and acquaintances- whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, or another social network, when your friends or family hear you are looking for a place of employment, they may be able to help spread the word, or give you any leads that they may come across.

3.Company Hiring Lists- these lists can sometimes be found on Company Websites.  Check out the websites before you call them as this is usually the easiest option.

4.Company Job Fairs or Mass Hiring Meetings- you can attend job fairs to find a job.  Job fairs are especially popular if you live in a heavily populated town.  Look for advertisements for these fairs so you can be prepared before one comes up.

5.General Job Agencies such as Kelly Services- there are different work agencies that you can go through that will help you find a job.  This is very helpful because most of the time these job postings may just be temporary, but as soon as you are done with your contract with one job, they can help set you up for another career choice.

6.Internal Job Postings- this helps if you know someone at the company. They can let you know if a position becomes available within the company.  This is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

7.Direct Referrals- it is possible to find something from direct referrals.  If you have a friend or family member working with the company or business, they can put in a good word for you at their place of work and help you find a good paying job.

8.TV job advertisements- many times there will be advertisements on the television looking for people to hire for various positions.

9.Radio advertisements- when you listen to the radio, don't turn it down on the commercials.  You may hear a good ad for a business looking to hire.

Finding new work can be frustrating if you are not looking in the right places.  It is important to remember to keep your options open and look at all of the opportunities you have to find decent paying work that you enjoy.  There are many different places you can look to find the perfect career for yourself.  Stay positive, be relaxed and enjoy your search.  Good things come to those who wait.

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