Building the perfect body and get in shape is not an easy task and this is the reason why so many people normally give up after a few months. The rule to be in shape is simple: good diet, regular exercise, good night sleep on a daily basis, enough rest and reading as much as possible about how are body works; once you understand and practice the basis you will be a step closer to reach your goal; however, perseverance and consistence will be your best friends.


Tone with Abs and your Body

A toned body is the first step to build the perfect body and regardless on how much muscle mass you have, toning your body and abs will automatically make you look in shape; however, this is not an easy task and your best allies would be daily training and eating less; especially saturated fat.


Any form of physical exercise will be enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym, you can easily tone your body by swimming, jogging or any other form of exercise; however, you must do it regularly, normally three times a week for one hour each is enough; however, you will gain faster results by exercising 4 or 5 times. What you eat is also important, a diet packed with fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and white meat will provide the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.


Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Probably the biggest challenge when deciding to gain muscles is to build lean muscle mass; it is easy to gain muscle weight by attending the gym on a regular basis and eating as much as possible, particularly white and red meat; however, this is not the most healthiest way to achieve your goal; you should be careful with what you eat if you want to look lean and with a great physique.


Weight training should also be combined with one or two weekly sessions of cardio exercise which could be swimming, jogging, or even better, try to join yoga, pilates, dance or any other class that will help you keep in shape. Variety is the key for a lean body.


Muscles and the Perfect Body

Muscles is the first thing that comes to mind when the phrase perfect body is mentioned and although easy to talk about it; it is very difficult to build the muscles that your body needs in order to get the perfect body. As mentioned in previous articles; a good diet and exercise are the keys; however, it is always to use shortcuts. Some of them are:

1)   Vary your training program: aim to change your training program on a monthly basis or at least every 6 weeks; this will challenge your body and as a consequence your body will repay back by growing muscles and burning fat; if you decide to continue with the same training program then you must increase the weight you are lifting.

2)   Healthy Diet: reducing the size of your portions is not what we mean, in fact, you might want to eat more if you are trying to get bigger, however, by eating the right food you will get bigger in muscle and burn fat at the same time. As a rule, 3 normal meals during the day should be combined with 3 small and healthy snacks; the best ones are bananas, nuts, seeds, dried meat and whey protein.

3)   Get better sleep: in order to build the perfect body you must sleep enough, as this is the time when your body repairs itself from the daily workout.

4)   Water: have you heard about the 8 glasses a day? Well, you should aim to drink at least 2 or 3 litres of water every day; this will help you eliminate toxins from your body and maintain your kidneys healthy.

5)   Short workout: you shouldn’t spend ages in the gym; in fact the shorter the better, the normal workout is between 45 to 60 minutes, this is the optimum time to build muscles and this should be the basis to plan your exercise plan; anything after that your body will be in exhaustion mode and the benefits will be minimum.


Whey Protein for Building Muscle

Whey protein is the simple and most natural way to build muscle by providing your body with the needed protein it needs to repair itself from the damaged caused during your workout. Although the majority of proteins should come from food: eggs, milk, chicken, turkey and occasional red meat; this is sometimes not enough if you are in search of a great body; as a rule, you should consume 2.2 grams of protein for every kilogram of your actual weight. Selecting the best whey protein is not easy and you have to be careful when choosing the brand you will use; do your homework and research and it will pay off by gaining results quickly. Try to read the reviews from different brand; Amazon is probably the best place to start as the reviews are from customers who are actually using it already. Some of the benefits are:

1)   Increase muscle mass and build muscle.

2)   It is easily absorbed; whey is as a natural product.

3)   It improves the muscle to body fat composition by burning calories from fat and building lean muscle.

4)   It helps to maintain muscles during the ageing process.


Weight Training and a Good Body

Weight training is the best form of exercise you can do to build the perfect physique, as your body will be burning fat 24 hours after your workout has been completed; this is why that it is recommended even for those trying to lose weight. There are many health benefits of practicing weight training:

1)   Speed up your metabolism.

2)   Exercise improves your mood and general well being.

3)   Reduces risk of osteoporosis.

4)   Regulates the efficiency of the heart system.

5)   Improves immune system.

6)   Reduces the chances of developing some form of cancers.

7)   Improves blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other common diseases.


Getting in shape and building the perfect body is not easy; however, it is simple with a healthy lifestyle change; all you need is exercise, healthy eating, enough rest and sleep, enough protein, liquids and a variety of exercises.