Are you in a bind financially or still unable to find another job after a layoff? You may have figured out that jobs are a little tough to come by at the moment in corporate America, although there are plenty of money making oppertunities out there right now if you know were to look.

I can not tell you how glad I am that I was laid off a few months back. My job layoff was the best thing that has ever happened to me although I was crying a few months ago at the rotten luck I had in finding myself unemployed.

You may be wondering why I felt so low about something I could not control. The truth is that I was unhappy in the rut I was stuck in at the time, but unwilling to change it. I gave myself all sorts of reasons why I could not work from home and get out of the rat race like I'd always wanted to. I made excuse after excuse as to why I did not have enough spare change to start my own business. I ignored the fact that I had wanted to be writer forever, because you can not make a living writing, at least not unless you area famous author, right?

The truth is that I was looking for reasons to stay safely in my rut. Safely, unhappily stuck and was unwilling to take a risk to have the life I'd always dreamed of. I was miserable, but it was safe. Well, like everyone else who gets a kick in the pants with something unexpected, my layoff and being unable to find another job made me take a good hard look and be willing to try writing online as a viable option to make some money. I now write articles to make money online, and as a contractor for others who need ghost writing. I don't make a mint, but I am now employed doing something I really enjoy, not something that is drudgery every day. The truth is that I should be making a mint and then some in a few years, a much better wage than my last job.

When looking for a way to make money from home quickly it really is as easy as looking at your likes, figuring out a way to make money without spending money to start. What else do you need once you decide what to do? A willingness to dig in and do the work, lots of hard work. How many hours a day do I work at this? 12 hours or more everyday is my normal work day. Building a business does not come for free, but if I work harder it is for my own benefit not for somebody else.

Making money from home in a legitimate way is easy. Look within yourself for something you will really enjoy and then go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained in the end. With no investment what do you really have to lose?