Visualize what you would like to have under your patio or back yard decking.Then try to imagine what it would be like to sit and relax in a cane setting. Or would you prefer to sit at a dining setting with nice comfortable cushions on the chairs.




What type of barbecue would you like? Would you prefer to have your barbecue connected directly to town gas, therefore eliminating the pain of running out of gas just as the meal is half cooked and have to disconnect the gas bottle and lug it down town to be refilled. This will of course depend on whether you have a town gas connection in your area.




You need to plan ahead and decide what type of furniture you would prefer to relax in or maybe you will have enough room to have both types under your patio.




Things you need to think about







·Measure your patio area to see how much room you have. It's no good spending your hard earned money and finding out that there is not enough room or it's too cramped for space.




·Do you buy a stainless steel barbecue or would you prefer an outside pizza oven and a portable barbecue.




·Look at your options and decide what type of furniture you think would suit your particular patio.

·Compare prices versus quality

·Look for demo models, slightly damaged or scratched furniture.By doing this you could save a lot of money.

·Do you buy wooden, steel or plastic furniture- this is important if you have a patio that is open to the elements of weather or a closed in protected patio. Steel may be a more solid long lasting option if you have teenagers.


·Beware of the use by date on plastic furniture, many people are injured every year because people keep and use furniture long after the use by date. They may stand on a chair and it could collapse causing bad injuries: you need to be aware of this.




·Cushion fabrics – are they good wearing? Make sure the fabrics are or can be treated for stains and are water repellent if left outside in the weather.




·Warranties- When buying anything look at the warranty that goes with it. Make sure you can buy replacement parts

·Work out which type of furniture will suit your particular lifestyle.Are you big entertainers? Will the kids bring all their friends home on the weekend? Will there be enough room if they do?




·Decide if what you want would actually work in your particular patio. Sometimes you may have to compromise your dreams for realities and serviceability.




·Make sure you feel comfortable when you sit on your cane lounge or kitchen chairs. If you buy a wooden setting, try to buy one without the foot railings.Otherwise you will always be repairing them as people chip and scratch them when pushing their feet on them. Or the wood often pulls out of the legs itself and will need re-fixing.Solid Wooden legs are best.




·Delivery- Be sure you are not paying extra for this.Barter and never pay their first price where possible. Stick to your budget.



Wine Barrel Furniture for your home, garden and patio entertaining.





Whatever you decide on make sure you check out all your options and ask for ideas from your friends.Then decide which type or brand of furniture would be best suited to your particular patio or back yard decking.