Need to Know information

The decision to become a courier driver needs to be considered carefully. This is not a job for the fool hardy. You need to be fit and healthy before you even think of taking this job on.

You will need a reliable vehicle and know your way around the town you wish to deliver parcels or freight too. If you do not have a vehicle to suit this position then it could prove expensive to buy one. If that is the case then you are in debt before you even start.

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Types of Courier Jobs

If you are lucky enough to own a van or covered in utility with a clean driving license then you could use that vehicle for a courier van. You would need to check out the different companies and their rules and regulations and then apply to become a courier driver. Most companies expect you to supply your own vehicle to be a subcontractor to carry their freight.

Types of courier positions

Cyclist Couriers

There are many types of couriers. In the cities they have cyclists delivering the envelopes and hand mail. These guys take their lives into their own hands dodging in and out of the traffic and the pedestrians as they attempt to keep up the busy schedule.

Motorbike Couriers

The motorbike cyclist courier drivers fill a need in the industry. These often deliver small packages or urgent mail. This is easier of the back as you will not have to lift heavy objects.



Commercial Van Courier

This can be a Hi-ace van or any 1 ton close in vehicle. This is the type of vehicle I used for four years of courier driving. I loved every minute of this job although you have to realise that you are out in -4 degree temperatures and up to 45 degree temperatures and sunshine or rain you still have to work.

This type of vehicle can be used fore delivering all types of goods and freight. From small postal items to small furniture and believe me some of it is not light and can also be bulky to move.

Small truck Courier

These can be used for both small and large freight. You could deliver anything from motors to industrial materials and the small postal items. This will depend on the courier company that employs you and the type of freight they carry.

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Need to know info on Courier drivers


All courier companies do not have the same setup. You will need a two way radio in your vehicle. Some companies ask you to purchase them, while others may supply this and charge you a lease fee for the radio to be used in your vehicle.


Subcontractors are normally paid on an hourly basis. As a subcontractor this is still run like your own business. Then again there are other companies that pay per parcel delivery and pickups.


In many cases the size of your vehicle will depict the size of the parcels you will be carrying.


Lease or buy a vehicle


You can also lease or buy a vehicle for this type of job. It would be a good idea to have a reliable GPS navigator to prevent you from losing your direction.


Metropolitan or rural areas


Metropolitan areas often involve more mileage crossing from one side of town to the other for deliveries and pickups, therefore your expenses will be more expensive.  In smaller rural areas you will not have so many miles to cover, although you may not have as many deliveries either. It will all depend on the size of the town itself and the competition in that town with other companies. So you need to do your homework and find out the costs and payments before going down this line of occupation.


If you are subcontractor and as a business you will have to keep good records and receipts for all fuel, oil, repairs and any other expenses for your accountant to claim for your tax.


My personal experience


From personal experience of four years driving a courier high Ace Toyota (tummy truck) I had to cart TV's and all sorts of freight and very seldom carted satchels or the like. As a female I was still expected to carry the larger freight the same as men were.


Therefore I employed a young lad to help me with the heavy freight which also saved friction of that sort. When on my own I loaded the freight onto a small trolley and wheeled it into the different business that way.


I was paid an hourly rate and the company installed the radio at their costs. As a subcontractor we paid for all the fuel we used, repairs and our tax was deducted on payday which was once a month. It was a great way to earn good money and kept me fit.


I would love to do it again although my aging bones, muscles and body would definitely not allow me to do it anymore.

These are ideal to keep your freight tied in place. You will not want it slide around when you take that next corner too fast.

These can also be used at home when buying that new fridge to keep it from moving on the back of a vehicle.