If you think of needlepoint pillows as something found solely in antiquated homes, you're missing out one of the greatest decorative pillow styles out there. Needlepoint pillows, in fact, are having a major resurgence in design circles, as they feature some of the most unique and intricate designs of any pillow styles. Read on to learn more about needlepoint pillows, some of the styles out there, and the prices for them on the market.

Needlepoint Pillows: Not Just For Grandma's House Anymore

Trina Turk for Peking Handicraft_Needlepoint PillowsNeedlepoint is a type of embroidery that has been around for centuries, and it's been very popular over that time. In fact, hand-sewn needlepoint pillows and other needlepoint decor is often something that is passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

Though in recent decades there's been a taint to needlepoint. It's been seen as something a bit old school and antiquated - something you'd find in your grandma's house, not in a modern style home.  But home decor style, like any other style, is an ebb and flow of trends, and needlepoint pillows are coming back stronger than ever. Yes, there are still many antiquated, unstylish needlepoint pillows out there, but more and more you'll find some real stunners that can shine in nearly any room, whether modern or classic in motif.

The texture and intricacy of the design of needlepoint pillows make them extra special as decorative pillows. Because they are hand-sewn. even if a pattern is used, there is something unique about each. And the patterns themselves can be highly complex. There's a personality to these pillows that is hard for other pillow types to match. There are pillows that feature beautiful modern waves of color and others that showcase highly precise patterns. Really the world is wide open to the imagination with needlepoint.

Needlepoint Pillow Kits: A Hobby In (And For) The Making

Trina Turk Down-Filled Needlepoint Pillow_Zig ZagNeedlepoint is something that many people love to do as a hobby, and there's nothing stopping you from jumping into it to create your own needlepoint pillow masterpieces. There are tons of kits available (some which as very stylish), as well as needlepoint tutorials to help you along the way. For many people, this is an extremely relaxing hobby that pays off in real ways. 

Plus, the needlepoint pillows you create make excellent Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. Giving something that you've made specifically for a person has a lot of meaning for both you and the receiver. It makes the day extra special. Just make sure you build the pillow based off of the tastes of your intended recipient, not the other the other way around. You may love your favorite style, but that doesn't mean others will too. If it's a gift, you need to craft with the recipient in mind.

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Needlepoint Christmas Pillows

Needlepoint Christmas Tree PillowSpeaking of the holidays, there's a special place among Christmas pillows for needlepoint pillows. As you can create very intricate designs, needlepoint Christmas pillows are a very popular choice, whether as a finished product or as a needlepoint kit, They really help ring in the season with beautiful and intricate designs of Christmas trees, Santa, ornate presents and bows, and many other holiday styles. Some can venture into feeling a bit over the top design-wise, but isn't that what holiday decorating is all about? They help make Christmas fun.

Needlepoint Pillow Prices

It makes sense that the more intricate and large the needlepoint design gets, the more pricey the pillow. Because of this, needlepoint pillows range from $30 to $100 (and sometimes more for high-end fashion brands like Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillows.) Most, though, fall between $50 and $75. Needlepoint kits are normally between $10 and $40 depending on the style.

You can find some exceptional styles for needlepoint pillows out there. And if you are just crafty enough, you can even make your own. This is what makes this style unique among decorative pillows - the possibilities are endless.