Whenever I pick up a new to me hobby, such as needlepoint, I almost always want to get to the advanced stages before I've learned the basics. It should come as no surprise after that statement that I screw up... a lot. I've got a lot of enthusiasm but tend to think that I'm a professional when I'm just learning. That is never a good idea.

Finding the right craft project isn't that difficult, after all most of the kits have a picture on the front of what the final creation will look like. The more complex the picture looks to you the more complex the process will actually be. Find a simple design to start with and once you've successfully completed that one you will have a bit more self confidence and knowledge and that will enable you to start looking into more advanced techniques.

A project without a lot of detail will tend to indicate that it would be an easy needlepoint pillows projects for beginners. Take a little time and choose the right starter craft design and your adventure in needlepoint (or any other craft) will save you time, money, and frustration.

Even though you want an easy project don't pick something that will not be interesting to you. If you hate dogs, don't get that cute puppy because you'll probably not finish it. If you do manage to finish it what are you going to do with something that you don't like?

Christmas designs can often be some of the easier ones. Not all of them but it is pretty easy to find a nice tree or a snow covered house that is not too detailed. A train running through the city on the other hand might have a lot more detail than it first appears.

A local large department store will have a decent selection of starter craft projects. Take a short stroll through the craft department and see what is available for the season that you are in. One major issue with the large stores is that they do have limited shelf space so the designs tend to be either very general or season specific. Buying a project to display or give as a gift for Christmas may be a little difficult if you only have 2 weeks to get it completed. Buy for next year not this year if you are shopping in these stores.

Once you have chosen your design follow the instructions included in the needlepoint pillow kit and get to work. Enjoy.