An adolescent is transitional stage from childhood to adulthood which is very sensitive. They cannot mix with children and adult behave them as children. Though physical growth and development takes place rapidly, they are not mentally able. Therefore, they neither match with children nor with adults. It creates problems of adaptation for them in school, home and community. So, they become sentimental and they desire to pass their most of the time with peers. They want to bear various family and social responsibilities to make their identity but the natured responsibility is not given to them. Consequently, they feel insecured in society and negative feeling is developed. As a result they involve in sexual abuse, drug abuse, destruction of social property, smoking, alcoholism, watch porn movies and vulgar pictures and other anti-social activities.

Adolescent today are the future responsible citizens of the country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to guide them towards right track. Every parent should identify their needs and necessities and create suitable environment for the development of their personality. It is better to hear voices and guide them towards right track maintain friendly behavior with them rather than thrusting own views on them unnecessarily. Therefore, if parents understand and address their needs and necessities, they can be involved in good and creative activities.

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The need and necessities of adolescents are:

  1. Their existence should be accepted understanding their desire, need and consent.
  2. Parents should recognize their ideas by giving adequate time for them.
  3. They should be involved in the decisions related to them. Decisions must not be done for them without their presence.
  4. Their needs and problems should be understood.
  5. They should not be dominated as children for the development of their personality.
  6. They prefer suggestion, counseling direction rather than imposed order.
  7. They desire to be involved in various domestic problems like economic problems. Sometimes, they want to stay alone in home. Their privacy should be considered.
  8. They prefer personal feedback secretly from parents in the mistake rather than abuse publicly.
  9. They desire to solve problems in family and life jointly rather than individually.

    10. They expect no gender based discrimination from parents.

     11. They have important role and contribution on the development of family, society and                   nation. So, they want participation.


Considering the above fact everyone should do good human behavior with them. It suffices the ground for the development of their personality. Therefore, parents and every member of society should be flexible on their needs and necessities rather than strict. Then, they can be drawn in right track.