It is true that not every woman has negative impression about needy men. But it is also the truth that - even if they have positive impressions about their needy guy friends - most of them will hardly think it seriously to make one of their needy guy friends as more than just a friend.

Why is that? What are the signs of neediness in men? What are the traits that can make a man be considered needy by women? Let's see some of them now.

  • Lack of leading quality. There is no other workaround for this: you must show that you can lead! Women are instinctively attracted to men who have leading character. In spite of the flourishing feminisms in our today's world, until now women could not deny their naturally built-in preferences to be lead instead of leading in their relationships. So, don't always let your next-to-be girlfriend to decide what you both are going to do or where to go for dates. It is your job. You must show her that you can lead, or else she might perceive you as one of those boring and tiring needy men.
  • Lack of self-confidence. Along with leading quality, confidence is the most important characteristic that every man must exhibit to make successful approach to women. The way needy men bring themselves barely shows this quality. Self-confidence as well as assertiveness that imply strong leadership are very irresistible to women. On the other hand, lack of these qualities will quickly bore them.
  • Nervousness. We often see how a man, when he is deeply attracted to a woman, becomes nervous when he is around her or when he is talking with her. Although this phenomenon is common among men as well as among women, to men such nervousness can dwindle his chances more in his efforts to approach women. Not just because the uneasiness may make him too shy to introduce himself to her, but also because that nervousness will probably make the woman thinks of him as needy and clingy, not manly enough to be counted as a potential romantic partner.
  • Insecurity. Insecurity and lack of self-confidence are like codependent twins. Wherever there is insecurity, there must be lack of self-confidence causing it, and wherever there is lack of confidence, insecurity will always be there, too. Over time, insecurity feelings will make the one who is handicapped by it become overly-jealous or over-protective. Insecurities can also make you feel the need to continuously be informed about anything that your girlfriend is doing or where she is going and with whom. Without you realize it, you will behave very annoyingly: telephoning or texting her too many times a day.
  • Too Available. Do you have difficulties to say no to the woman you are attracted to if she asks you to, for example, accompany her shopping? Even when you actually have something else to do that you have planned days or weeks before? If yes, then stop that! In the end, it will only make her think of you as a guy that has no life: one of those needy men whose life is so boring that always needs somebody else to make his life more colorful.

    At first she may be glad or feel flattered for having a man that she knows she can rely on whenever she needs. But after a while, she will not regard it special anymore. She will take it for granted instead, thinking as if she deserved it and that it was your duty to serve her whenever she wanted.

Those are some important signs of needy men that you should avoid. If you find yourself doing that, then stop and leave those needy attitudes behind. Shape yourself up and be a man that women dream of!