Neem Oil Shampoo

While you may not be familiar with neem oil shampoo, the neem tree has been used for hundreds of years to manufacture many personal hygiene products, including soap, bath oil, facial cream, toothpaste and shampoo. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, the neem tree is also used to treat a number of illnesses such as arthritis, Chagas disease, diabetes, ulcers, malaria and AIDS. In fact, there are so many benefits of neem; it's often referred to as "The Tree of Life" in India.

Where to Buy Neem Oil Shampoo

Neem oil shampoo can be bought or made from home. Though it can be a bit difficult to find, there are many natural and alternative health stores that carry both raw neem oil and the shampoo. If you cannot find any neem products in your area, Amazon and a host of other online retailers offer a variety of products to select from.

When shopping, be sure any shampoo product you purchase lists neem oil or neem leaf extract as one of the primary ingredients. If cost is an issue, it is much cheaper to make your own shampoo. Water, neem oil and coconut oil are the basic ingredients needed. For a great disinfectant, add a little tea tree oil to the mixture. Once you realize the effectiveness of neem oil shampoo, you may want to make your own neem oil soap, cream, or toothpaste recipes. Whatever the case, a little neem goes a long way.

Is Neem Oil Shampoo Effective?

Using neem oil shampoo is an excellent way to repair damaged hair or treat common scalp problems. Neem oil is known for its ability to strengthen hair as well as promote growth. By using the product on a regular basis, you can have healthier hair that's easy to manage. Neem oil is also very therapeutic for the scalp. People who suffer from dandruff and other scalp issues will find neem oil to be an effective remedy.

Besides creating shiny healthier hair, neem oil shampoo is great for treating head lice. This should come as no surprise, considering the neem tree is well known for its use as an insecticide. Parents with young children will appreciate the fact that shampoo made with neem seed extract doesn't contain any of the harmful chemicals often included in over the counter lice treatment kits.

The only disadvantage to using neem oil shampoo is the nasty smell. Adding a few drops of lemon oil can help but this is only recommended when using neem for dry hair or scalp problems. This is because it's the unpleasant scent that scares lice away and keeps them from returning. Although one treatment may not be enough, neem oil shampoo can be used as necessary without the threat of any potential side effects. The shampoo should be applied as directed and left on the scalp for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Frequent use of neem oil shampoo is a great way to avoid further cases of head lice.

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Neem Oil Shampoo for Pets

Neem Oil Shampoo for Dogs

Treat your furry friend to a refreshing neem oil shampoo bath. Fleas, mites, ringworm, and dry itchy skin will become a distant memory when you bathe your pet with this all natural shampoo remedy. It's best to clean your pet a few times a week until the symptoms disappear. You can then follow-up with a monthly neem oil shampoo cleansing to prevent future problems.

If you're unable to find neem oil shampoo for dogs, simply add a little raw neem oil to your pet's regular shampoo. For best results, mix with a mild type shampoo, especially if your pet suffers from dry or flaky skin. Hypo-allergenic pet shampoos that contain no dyes or harmful chemicals are a good choice.

For a pet that's healthy both inside and out, try neem leaf capsules to help with internal digestive problems. The capsules can be easily added to your pet's favorite food to promote good liver function, boost the immune system, or eliminate pesky internal parasites. Once you discover the many benefits of neem, you'll want to incorporate it into your pet's daily care and diet.

Neem Oil Shampoo for Dogs

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Neem Oil Shampoo is a great way to give your dog a healthy, shiny coat without the use of harsh chemicals. This product works great on pets with sensitive skin.