If you want to put an end modern day slavery, then I recommend that you watch "Nefarious-Merchant of Souls". It is definitely one of the best documentary films on human trafficking and is a must-see!

What is it about

I love watching documentaries and when I heard the story behind Nefarious, I just had to see it. I later learned that this film was birthed out of prayer and a passion to try and put a stop to modern-day sex slavery. I thought sex slavery was done and over with in today's age, since we do not really see this kind of thing happening in front of our face in Canada. But after watching this documentary I was awakened to the fact that sex slavery still exist today.

Puts you in the women's shoes

Nefarious does a great job of putting you into the shoes of the women who are trapped in the sex trade industry. It does a great job of destroying the myth that "prostitutes chose to live that life and that they are happy doing what they do." By watching this film you will be startled by how many women are actually kidnapped and placed into these situations.

This film may be hard to watch at first, because of the reality of the situations, but by the end of the movie the viewer is left with much hope. At the end of the film you will hear stories of women who have escaped the grips of sex slavery and are now passionately helping other people get out of this trap. It also motivates you to partner with Nefarious to put an end to this injustice.

The US State Department estimates that over 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade. It's a huge number, but the Nefarious movement believes that rescuing even one child is worth the cost. 

Great re-enactments

Not only is the message so powerful but the re-enactments in the film are very convincing and well done. While watching the documentary I was so drawn in that I forgot that the actors were just acting. This movie truly touches the heart of every viewer and calls us all to action, not just one person, but everyone together. 

Everyone I watched it with was touched by the message and felt empowered to make a difference. 

I recommend this film to anyone who is passionate about seeing justice in the world.