Singl Parent


Admittedly single parents like any other social problem has its historical roots. single parents and of course its effects is as old as man. How do we define single parents? There are meanings for the term single parents such as unmarried and unattached which is what comes to mind most often when we think of single parents. But those are not the only circumstances in which a parent might experience the role of single parenting.

 There is no hierarchy in the single parent’s community because no two family situations are ever the same. So it is from this perspective that some sees single parenthood responsibilities of parenting one or more children without the benefit of the consistent hands on physical and emotional support of partners.

 Nevertheless, single parenting follows many paths, so whether you are a full time, part time or temporary single parent by choice or by circumstance you are a single parent. it is argue that those biological mothers who raise children with stepfathers are considered part of the single parents group.

Having said some of the notable definitions of single parents, it is therefore imperative to note the effects of single parents on the child’s education his economic, parental and community resources. Regardless of which survey we looked at children from one parent families are about twice as likely to drop out of school as children from two parent’s families.

 Besides children from biological two parents families have an average test scores and grade points averages that are higher, they miss fewer school days and have greater expectations of attending college than children having one parents, it is also noted that children from two-parent families are 80 to 95 percent more likely to finish college than those in single parent families.

 Remarkably, children from divorced homes are 70 percent more likely than those living with biological parents to be expelled or suspended from school. Those living with never married mother are twice as likely to be expelled or suspended. Also, children who do not live with both biological parents are 45 to 95 percent more likely to require parent/teacher meetings to deal with performance or behavior problems than those who live with married parents.

 According to researches, a child’s sense of self or self-concept is as a result of the multitude of ideas, attitudes, behavior and beliefs to which he or she is exposed. In the same vain children from single parents homes does not receive adequate moral up-bringing. This is true because, the information that surrounds the child and which is internalized comes to the child within the family arena through parents, child interactions, role modeling, reinforcement for desired behaviors and parental approval or disapproval.

 There is also a growing body of evidence indicating that students from single parent’s families do not perform creditably well as those from traditional families. Therefore it is important to point out here that in a society that demands high level of education, and skill for a successful and stable future, a decent education is becoming increasingly important. A child’s education is the shared responsibility of the school and the home. Out of the school, the home is most silent source of learning. Encouragement and support for a child; but it is quite unfortunate that most single parent’s families are not meeting up with the above task or responsibilities.

 Admittedly children do best when they grow up with both biological parents. The children of divorce parent's showed high levels of emotional distress or problem behavior subsequently they noted that regardless of gender age family income race or ethnicity adolescents not living with a biological mother or father are 50% to 80% more likely to abuse and be dependent on substances as illicit drug. When compared to their peers living with both biological parents. This is attributed to the low level of moral-up bringing they receive from their single parents. Another important effect of single parenting is loss of financial support...