Negative Review of Lady Gagas "Born This Way"

"Born This Way" Isn't Good

Tons of hype circulated around Lady Gaga's new single "Born This Way" that's off of her upcoming record, which is also titled Born This Way (which is due out on May 23, 2011).  According to Lady Gaga herself, Born This Way is going to be "The album of our generation" as well as "The album of the decade."  Both of these statements were put the test when Lady Gaga released her new single, "Born This Way" on February 11th, 2011.

Lady Gaga Born This Way

I must admit that I was eager to hear "Born This Way."  For an artist to make such bold claims, as stating her new album would be the best out of ten years, the thought that I would be disappointed never crossed my mind.  Lady Gaga has some great tracks within her albums The Fame and The Fame Monster, so I figured we'd all get the chance to hear another single that would ultimately rock the radio waves for the next 5 months.  Of course, disappointment set in after the first time I listened to it.  Lady Gagas "Born This Way" fails on every level.  The song "Born This Way" simply put, is not good.  I didn't want to write a negative review over an artist that I somewhat respect, but I had no choice.  A negative review of "Born This Way" was necessary.

Upon first listen, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" reminds me of a song that would be played in the trailer of a Lifetime movie about two fat girls trying to make their way in the big city, or played during a schick razor commercial.  "Born This Way" follows a format that has worked for Lady Gaga in the past, synth music dancing around the background, lyrics that don't make you think too much, a small whiff of some artistic creativity that's surpressed intentionally for album sells, but it simply doesn't work.  There are only so many times that an artist can rehash the same old song and have the typical formula work.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" fails on every level, because it doesn't seem like there's any honest effort involved.  The lyrics read like middle school poetry about politically correct diversity, the synth sounds like a B-side to Lady Gaga's other works, and the song just seems way to corny.  For an album to be deemed "album of the year", I would expect the first single to be something special.  The song doesn't seem to hold much merit, except through the headphones of a "no one understands me" adolescent, or a gay pride rally.  At one point during "Born This Way", Lady Gaga repeats the phrase "Don't be a drag, just be a queen."  This lyric is almost too awkward to listen to, and screams that she's trying way too hard to push conventional boundaries, making the overall theme of "Born This Way" extremely forced.


I'm sure this song will sell millions of units because of the pop phenomenon that is Lady Gaga, however, the timelessness that she's striving for, along with the Madonna-esque comparisons, will slowly deplete if the album Born This Way contains as much garbage as the single "Born This Way" has.  My only problem with The Fame was that the weird style of her persona wasn't illuminated through her works, and she implemented more of her weirdness within The Fame Monster, much to my appreciation.  I figured she would step out of her confined box with Born This Way and go all out.  It seems like she somewhat attempts that through "Born This Way", but it fails on every level because it's forced.  She retreated back to her formula of repeating a phrase over and over (Born This Way), yet it's just not as catchy.  It seems as if the originality that she's trying to have her fan-base centered around, is in the same vein as an episode of Sesame Street that tells one to simply "Be Themselves."  This isn't the type of message that pop music typically impliments, because pop music is honestly more intelligent than that.

Why the song "Born This Way" fails on every level, and why the album Born This Way will most likely fail, is because Lady Gaga is picking out a small portion of her fan base.  The song is not geared to the vast audience that centered around her previous albums, but to a select group of super fans that are honestly few and far between.  She had the choice to cover a wide range of pop topics such as love, loss of love, having fun, etc.  yet she chose originality, because it will appeal to her super fans (which is mainly comprised of homosexuals and high school girls).  Born this way does not sound like a radio hit (though I'm probably wrong), it does not sound like it could be blared from the speakers of a club, and it does not sound like it could draw in any new fans.  

Born This Way 2

It was hard to write a negative review for Lady Gaga, simply because Lady Gaga is currently pop music.  I have so much respect for the pop genre, and Lady Gaga as well, but the song forced me to write a negative review.  "Born This Way" may have been successful as a filler track on The Fame, but it pushes no new ground, especially if it's the single on an album that's supposed to be "the album of our generation" as well as "the album of the decade."  On May 23, 2011,  if Lady Gaga's Born This Way becomes the album of our generation, than I no longer have any hope for the concept of the album, and I no longer have hope for my generation.