Vertex42 is from where you can download Excel templates, financial calculators, calendars templates etc. free of cost. The Auto Loan Calculator is one such software which assists you in making a choice of auto loan and what effect it will have on your fund position. It provides the user a means to make a decision while making auto loan negotiations. You can save on time and effort by using this free download Excel sheets which are Open Office compatible too. Even the auto dealers utilize the same software whilst they identify the prospective buyer on the basis of his paying capacity.

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Manage Household Budgets with a Free Download Spreadsheet

Having this free download Excel spreadsheet at hand one can compute payment schedule including interest payable on the entire auto loan. This ready reckoner can facilitate the end user to decide upon the principal amount he can manage to pay for at different rates of interest.

Negotiate a Better Car Deal

The Excel spreadsheet can prove to be a useful negotiating tool while haggling with the car dealer because they too are prepared to do the same. Several auto dealers flourish on the commission they can generate off of the loan amount and cost of the car. Prior to settling the interest rate, bargain for the cost of the car. In case the interest rate is reasonable the customer will be able to afford a higher principal amount without affecting the amount of monthly installments. The negotiating techniques vary on individual skills but all of them need to have thorough knowledge of total amount they are willing to spend, the limit of monthly installment they can afford, the duration of the auto loan and so on.

The Basics of Auto Negotiations

Be non-committal regarding your choice of the car. Your excitement regarding a particular model may cost you extra buck. Carry out a market research and let the dealer know you are aware of the going trends. Set your target price and bargain for it. Don't jump to conclusions immediately. Delay your reactions and if required differ on the transaction, and leave. The dealer will definitely get in touch with the customer sooner than expected. Delay your responses on affordable installments and ask for discount offers and other promotional deals. Keep in mind, even with tarnished credit the interest rate can be bargained for down to the original cost.

So, go ahead and download the free Excel Auto Loan Calculator spreadsheet to decide the interest rate and principal amounts you intend to pay. Try not to exceed this amount. You can definitely manage your finances well by using these tools.