Credit Card debt is a major concern for all single mothers. Having a low credit score is also a cause for worry because single mothers feel that they have to take care of it all on their own. However, negotiating with your credit card company can actually help resolve a lot of issues and avoid pushing you further into debt. Here are some tips on how to negotiate with credit card companies and make your life easier.
Tips for Negotiating With Your Credit Card Company

Believe it or not, you as a single mom can settle your credit card debt. Some companies can bring down the balance you owe them to one-thirds of what you initially had to pay. This depends on several factors such as your total balance and the policy your credit card company follows. Regardless, there are quite a few things that can help you get rid of your credit card debt.

Firstly, get in touch with a representative from your credit card company if you will be unable to make your payments. If you are in relatively good standing with your company, then chances are that they will negotiate other payment terms that are feasible for you. So avoid waiting till the last moment to discuss the late payment of your credit card. This is because the amount of money and resources a credit card company will utilize to get a hold of you will also be added on to your required payment. Also try to get your interest rate reduced. If your credit card company's competitor is offering a lower interest rate, don't hesitate to make them aware of it. These companies don't want to lose you as a customer, so they will be more flexible.

Before you call the creditor, be sure to finalize a payment plan yourself. This way you can make the credit card company work on your terms rather than having them dictate their terms to you. Try to budget your finances and predict when you can pay off your debt. Make a feasible timeline of payments if it helps. When talking to the representative, be clear as to why you are late on your payment and how you plan on making up for your payment. Be willing to pay your debt off in the least amount of time.
Once you are ready to negotiate, don't accept no for an answer. Keep pushing until you receive favorable payment terms. Remember, the lower your interest payments are on your debt, the easier it will be to make payments. If the representative you are speaking to says that payment terms are non-negotiable, then ask to speak to a higher authority.

Keep on following through with your desired payment terms. Don't give up if you get declined at first. Keep trying and talking to different people and make them aware of how eager you are to pay off your debt. Maybe even threaten the company that you plan on closing your account down. This will often get them working your way.