Neon rope lights by the foot can be used for many different applications, making them a consumer friendly option for those looking at unique lighting needs.  While you can choose from many different color and color combinations, you will find that traditional white is the most popular.  This is because the white color lends itself to virtually every lighting application possible.  They can be used a Christmas decoration or for lighting in the home.  Let’s look at neon rope lights by the foot in a little bit more detail, to help you make a good decision before you buy.

Almost Unlimited Lengths

If you are looking at neon rope lights by the foot, you can often by them in very long lengths, making them an effective way to provide lots of soft lighting over long spaces.  Likewise, you can purchase short lengths as well, for those that simply need smaller spaces lit.  This makes this type of product a very versatile choice for hundreds of potential uses and applications.  Simply measure the lengths you will need and place your order for neon rope lights by the foot.  You will love the flexibility in the lengths you can order for rope light by the foot.

Varied Thickness

Most sellers of neon rope lights by the foot sell them in a 3/8” and ½” thickness.  Generally speaking, the only real difference is the thickness of the PVC tubing.  In most cases, the actual bulbs will be the same size, as will the lighting brightness and energy usage.  The thinner the tubing, the more flexible they will be.  So, if you need them to be rigid, go with the thicker tubing.  If you need some flexibility for installing them, go with the thinner tubes.  You will find that most applications can be done with the3/8” tubing, so keep that in mind before you place an order for neon rope lights by the foot.  It will be much easier to wrap them around objects and change directions in a tighter radius.  Choose based on your specific needs and you will be fine. 


Use caution.  Some neon rope lights by the foot may only be rated for indoor use, while others could be listed as safe for outdoor use.  Simply choose the appropriate type based on your personal needs and you will be fine.  Do not use indoor rated lighted outdoors, or you could be asking for trouble.  If you have multiple indoor and outdoor projects in mind, you can generally find those that are listed for both indoor and outdoor use, which will help to make the choice a little bit easier as you search to buy the right neon rope lights by the foot for your specific needs and projects.

Additional Options

You will find many unique options for neon rope lights by the foot.  Not only can you choose LED or fiber optic lighting, but you can also choose color changing lighting.  You can select multi colored, single colored, or plain white.  To keep the electrical costs down from using this type of lighting, LED may be your best bet, depending on your situation.  Keep in mind that they are a bit more expensive up front.  With fiber optic options, you can watch the colors change right in front of your eyes.

Some manufacturers of neon rope lights by the foot will use colored PVC tubing.  You will need to keep this in mind when you place your order.  Make sure you don’t need clear tubing for your specific needs if you go with a company that uses colored tubes to create the lighting color.  This is just something to keep in mind and watch out for when you are checking out vendors.

Uses and Applications

You will literally have hundreds of potential uses for neon rope lights by the foot.  While the list I am providing is not intended to be complete by any means, it will help to give you some good ideas that you can use.  The only real limits to the uses will be your own imagination.  They really are that versatile and have that many uses to consider.

Shadow/Window Boxes:  This can help to provide lighting and highlight specific items or locations in your shadow and window boxes, which can help to make them more attractive.  By highlighting specific items, you can create a very dramatic look in your shadow or window boxes, making it much more attractive and eye-catching.

Holiday Lighting:  Of course, you probably realize you can use neon rope lights by the foot for Christmas decorating, but you can also use them for other holidays.  Easter, Halloween, Independence Day and all other holidays are open game.  Keep this in mind when you place your order to buy this type of lighting.

Dark Walkways:  Why use those push-in solar lighting posts?  You can use a nice soft LED neon rope lighting to get the same effect, with a very unique look.  Since you can buy them by the foot, you can customize your outdoor project to suit your personal needs.

Commercial Displays:  If you are a business owner, you can use this type of lighting to draw attention to window displays or specific areas of your store.  It can really help to create visual appeal, which could mean attracting more customers and sales.

Decks/Patios:  You can run neon rope lights by the foot under hand railing to provide nice, soft lighting.  You can also run them at steps and stairs outside.  This can make them more visible in poorly lit areas, for an increased safety benefit.

Children’s Rooms:  Not only will the lighting look cool, but if you use LED, you will have a nice soft lighting that can serve a similar purpose to a nightlight.  You will make your child feel more comfortable in their room, should they wake up in the middle of the night.

Wedding/Party Decorating:  If you are having a wedding or birthday party, you may want to use the lighting as an additional source of decoration.  You can really get a neat look this way.