On Neopets, paint brushes are the most sought after items in the game. They can be used to change the color of your pets to make them more exotic and appealing. This makes them highly coveted and rarely found in players shops. Ever wonder how premium members on Neopets use their super shop wizard to snipe them? 

Often, when a player signs up for premium you will see them quite distressed on the boards because they cannot search for the baby paint brush they want. Older players will tell them that you cannot search for paint brushes, nerkmids, transmogrification potions and secret laboratory maps using the super shop wizard. 

This tends to be quite upsetting if you only joined premium to be able to snipe these items. Searching for them with the ssw will get you this message, "Sorry, You are not allowed to search for (item name) in the Super Wiz". Did you know there is a way around that? You can search for these forbidden items and still be following the rules of the site. This is not a cheat, program or any other way to exploit a weakness on Neopets. I would never jeopardize my seven year old account to get some good snipes.

Paint Brushes

Yes, you can snipe these exclusive items with your Neopets premium super shop wizard! This is a well guarded secret of long time members. When you bring up the wizard simply copy and paste the name of the brush you wish to search. Check the box that says price only (limited) but do not fill in the minimum and maximum price fields. Now instead of saying you cannot search for the item it will say one of two things. Getting the message "No items found" means there are none out there hiding in a players shop. You could however get this message, "The 1 lowest prices of a Wraith Paint Brush average out to: 50,000 NP". Yes!

This message means there is at least one rare item in a Neopians shop but how do you snipe it if you don't get a direct link to the shop? The next step is to quickly bring up the regular shop wizard and copy and paste the item name and click search. You may need to refresh one time or twenty to find the item but you already know its out there!

Transmogrification Potions

Transmogrification potions are some of my favorite items to search for on Neopets. They are a truly ugly looking item that newbies often think are junk and sell for far less then their worth. This item will change your pet into a cool looking mutant pet which makes them quite valuable! The best ones to search for are "Krawk Transmogrification Potion" and "Draik Transmogrification Potion," as both are extremely easy to sell for between 12-13 million Neopoints!

The "Aisha Transmogrification Potion" is the one exception to the rule. There was recently a glitch causing too many of these to be released. The selling price of this potion has dropped substantially to barely above buyable. I personally would only snipe it if I could sell it buyable and still make a profit.


Nerkmids are often given out by random events making them an excellent item to snipe. There are many nerkmid items in Neopia that are not true nerkmids so you will need to refine your searches. Look for a drop down menu on your wiz under "Search items." You can change it between "containing my phrase" and "identical to my phrase," to eliminate certain items like plushies and erasers. Good nerkmids to search for include "Aluminium Nerkmid", "Golden Nerkmid X", "Copper Nerkmid" and "Ultra Nerkmid."

The super shop wizard gives premium members a nice little advantage over regular players when sniping. You do have to be fast when you find that rare item or it will get sniped by someone else!