If you already have a water bottle that you're comfortable with, but looking for a good water bottle cover that can keep your sports drinks insulated, then neoprene water bottle covers can do the trick. Neoprene is very effective in keeping your drink insulated and cold up to a few hours. Neoprene can also keep your hand warm while keeping beverages cold. Neoprene insulated water bottle covers are very similar to beer koozies. In fact they're  the exact same thing, except neoprene bottle covers fit on water bottles. They're pretty cheap and shouldn't cost you much money.

What can Neoprene do?

Neoprene is a very interesting fabric. It's extremely soft, but very strong and basically resistant to any kind of abuse. Neoprene is a really good water bottle cover not just for insulation, but protection as well. It's basically impossible to tear neoprene. It's the exact same material used for wet suites. It can adjust to cold, or warm temperatures very effectively. Neoprene is completely resistant to heat, and it is chemically resistant. It's just a safer way to drink water, and other drinks while maintaining the original temperature, and keeping your hand comfortable. The best thing about neoprene outside its effectiveness, is that its rather cheap to purchase.

32 Ounce Neoprene Insulated Water Bottle Covers

One the most popular 32 ounce neoprene insulated water bottle covers that's being sold online is the Nalgene Cool Stuff Cover. It's very cheap and comes with a webbing handle where you can attach it to your backpack. It's the ideal hiking water bottle cover to purchase. It will keep beverages cold for hours on those extremely hot days out in the park. It comes in the color blue. It costs less than $10 dollars online. Pretty easy to find on multiple online stores going for cheap prices.


Nalgene Cool Stuff Neoprene 32 Oz

Nalgene Cool Stuff Neoprene for 32 Oz Bottle, Blue
Amazon Price: $10.76 $6.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 9, 2015)

20 Ounce Neoprene Insulated Water Bottle Covers

If you're carry bottles of tea, soda, orange juice, or other popular 20 ounce cold drinks, then you should take a look at the Built Neoprene 20-Ounce Capacity Bottle Tote. It is perfect for road trips, fishing trips, and other fun activities that you might be doing with the family outdoors this summer. If you're out in the hot sun, and away from a good cooler, you'll be happy that you have this insulated water cover. It will keep your drink cold for hours. It will fit on popular water bottles like Sigg, Klean Kanteen, and Nalgene bottles. It can keep a cold beverage at its original temperature for up to 4 hours. You won't be able to find any better insulated covers than that. If you plan on doing a lot of hiking this summer, this is the kind of neoprene cover you want for 20 ounce water bottles. It will keep your bottle protected from damage, and it hooks onto backpacks as well.

Built Neoprene 20 Ounce Capacity Bottle Tote

Built Neoprene 20-Ounce Capacity Bottle Tote, Ski Patrol Red
Amazon Price: $9.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 9, 2015)

16 Ounce Neoprene Insulated Water Bottle Covers

The Red Bottle Glove Neoprene Cover will fit bottles between 16-20 ounces. They feature a strap on the side to hook up to backpacks, or bikes. It also wouldn't make for a bad fit for golf bags. It will keep your beverage cold for hours. Soft, tough, and completely weather resistant. These are pretty soft, durable, and well insulated water bottle covers to buy. It makes for a good sports water bottle cover. You can get a good deal online at buy.com and amazon for around $15 dollars.

16 Oz Insulated Water Bottle

12 Ounce Neoprene Insulated Water Bottle Covers

Online at amazon you can purchase just a good old regular 12 ounce neoprene insulated beer koozies. They'll keep beer bottles, water bottles, and soda bottles well insulated. They're just ordinary zip-up neoprene koozies that are available in quite a few different colors. They're perfect for any party you might be throwing, or a barbecue that you're having for relatives and friends. You can buy them in sets as well, or individually. There are quite a few sellers that you should find at amazon. You can also checkout ebay, or buy.com. They usually have some pretty cheap 12 ounce bottle koozies being sold at those online stores as well.

12 Ounce Insulated Beer Koozie

Funny Guy Mugs Periodic Beer Can Koozie, Standard, Black
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(price as of Jun 9, 2015)