Nepal trekking is for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, friendly people, and exciting exploration. But trekking can mean more than simply lacing on a pair of boots and hitting the hiking trails. In the country of Nepal, especially, trekking takes on a whole new meaning when it leads to great adventures such as river rafting.

The Trishuli River in Nepal holiday is the place to raft if you are a less-experienced rafter. The river offers a single-day run that begins in the royal city of Kathmandu and then follows a gentle course through exquisite gorges. Longer runs are available for more experienced rafters, with white water rapids of varying degrees of difficulty. If the rapids ever appear to be more than you feel comfortable handling, you can put ashore and continue your downriver trip on foot. The scenery is just as stunning from the riverside as it is from the raft itself.

The Seti River offers fairly easy rapids, too, and it also offers put-in points at Kathmandu. Plan a two-day rafting trip, with overnight camping in the jungle near the village of Saran Ghat. Take advantage of your overnight stay for true Nepal trekking to explore the jungle and enjoy the wildlife of this diverse country. You might even catch sight of a tiger or a leopard from the safety of your campsite.

The Kali Gandaki River traverses the deep gorges of the Annapurna Mountains, and it offers plenty of opportunity for challenging rapids. The Hindu goddess, Kali, is the namesake of this spectacular river, which is considered holy by the people of Nepal. As you travel this beautiful water course, you will see temples set within the jungles. You might even spy an elephant or two wandering through the shadowy undergrowth. But when the water turns white, be prepared for breathtaking excitement.

One of the most visited sites in Lima, Peru is the Church of San Francisco. This church was begun in 1674 and is stunning. It contains a library that houses many ancient texts relating to Peru. The library is full of carvings and stunning paintings and furniture. The church itself is also unique with its statues and carvings. The church houses the head of the Franciscan order of priests in Peru. Next to the church is a catacomb that you can visit where over 70,000 people were buried. These catacombs connect to other churches in Lima. It is very popular here to bring something to feed the birds in the plaza in the front of San Francisco. The church is located in the historical district of Lima.

According to many visitors and locals, Punta Sal in the northern section of Peru is one of the best beaches in the country. There's plenty to do here: surfing, deep sea fishing, diving and snorkeling. The area boasts some great hotels and dining, too. And if you get tired of water activities, book a tour of the nearby mangrove swamps or ride a horse along the shore.