Around 35,000 people assembled at the Tundikhel ground in Kathmandu's city center to make a huge portrait of the Nepali flag by holding colored placards over their heads, for setting the Guinness World Records for the largest human flag. The participants included students of Bachelor of Engineering from Pulchowk Engineering Campus and Kathmandu Engineering College and other colleges as well as doctors, engineers and other professionals.

Every participant was given a numbered ticket to keep a count of how many took part in the flag event. Each ticket was priced at Rs.100 and the proceeds of this event would be used to support the landslide victims of the recent Sunkoshi landslide disaster. As the country's anthem played, participants held up crimson, blue and white colored cardboard for 10 minutes on the open Tundikhel ground in Kathmandu's city center to form the national flag. The event was organised by ‘The Human Value for Peace and Prosperity’.

People Gathering

The human flag was 128 metres wide and 168 metres long and the entire event was captured in video by a hovering helicopter. The event was officially witnessed by Anuradha Koirala (Chairperson of Maiti Nepal and 2010 CNN Hero), Anil Shah  (Chief Executive Officer of Mega Bank), Byakul Maila (lyricist of the National Anthem) and Suraj Singh Thakuri (a popular Television programme presenter). This video and a detailed report containing the signatures of the witnesses will be sent for verification to the Guinness Book of World Records team. The verification process by the Guinness World Records team could take about 2 months before the final verdict is announced.

Human Flag Aerial View

Nepal is the only country whose flag is not quadrilateral. The blue border symbolizes the peace and harmony while red is the colour of the country's national flower (rhododedron) and symbolizes the brave spirits of the Nepalese people. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains while the moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are soothing and calm, and the sun symbolizes fierce resolve.

Flag of NepalCredit: Wikipedia

Pakistan currently holds the world record for the largest human flag, when around 28,957 citizens gathered at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore to create the flag in February this year.

Video of the event

Aerial View from the helicopter