Nerd costume ideas for girls are among the most popular when it comes to Halloween and costume parties; they have gained such popularity because they are relatively easy to create, and are easily recognizable. In addition, you can buy complete accessory kits for nerd costumes for literally next to nothing! This article has no intentions of promoting any specific products; but rather, it is geared towards weighing out the pros and cons of buying and creating a nerd costume, as well as opening your eyes to the specific accessories that are needed for executing the nerd cNerd Costume Accessories For GirlsCredit: Amazon.comostume ideas that you have in mind.

There Are Many Nerd Costume Ideas For Girls That Involve Complete Accessory Kits-Available On Amazon From $15!

One thing that I would recommend doing in order to implement your own nerd costume ideas for girls is purchasing these complete costume sets, and adding in any of your own nerdy accessories. This will provide you with the best of both worlds in regards to the nerd costume, and allow you to save some money while doing it!

Nerdy Glasses Are Essential For Any Costume!

Although contact lenses are growing in popularity, the common vision of a nerd literalNerdy Glasses For A Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comly always includes glasses. However, nerdy pairs of glasses are not regular looking pairs that can be purchased at your local optical store. Nerdy glasses are usually taped up, and have rounded frames.

The taping up of the glasses represents the nerds being bullied and beaten up by others; moreover, the tape is there because the bullies have broken their glasses.

The rounded glasses frames do not really represent anything other than nerds not having a good sense of style. Big round glasses lenses have been out of style for decades; however, nerds not having a sense of style lead them to choose these rounded pairs to wear.

The Best Nerd Costume Ideas For Girls Include Their Own CustomizationMulti-Colored Nerdy Hat With PropellerCredit: Amazon.coms

As was stated in an earlier paragraph, there are many benefits to buying an “out of the box” costume set; however, there may be a few different people that are wearing the exact same costume in the Halloween party that you are attending. You may want the ease of use of a complete costume set; however, you may also want the uniqueness of choosing your own accessories.

There is one solution that encompasses the best of both worlds. I would highly recommend customizing your complete nerd costume set to your own liking. In order to do this, I would begin by buying the nerd costume set that fits your specific liking and budget. I would then develop a few nerd costume ideas for the specific costume set that you have purchased; some of these ideas may be as simple as adding in some accessories or as complex as altering the material to fit your body. The point of these customizations are to set your Halloween costume apart from the other people that may be wearing the exact same costume at the party.

Nerdy Costume Accessories That You May Already Own!

Costume accessories can be purchased at relatively inexpensive prices at Halloween stores and online; however, why spend even a small amount of money when you can spend nothing at all?

School Textbooks- Many girls decide to dress up as nerds when they are at the college or university level; with that being said, they may have a few school textbooks from previous semesters that they have not sold! Carrying around some of those college and university textbooks are some of the best nerd costume ideas for girls; you will look like a nerdy school girl!

Book Bag- Nerds are known to bury their heads in the books for hours at a time; however, carrying those books around may be a daunting task if they are only using their hands. A book bag is literally the perfect costume accessory for girls dressing up as nerds for Halloween. Moreover, wearing a book bag, and carrying around a biology textbook in your hand will really allow people to recognize you as being dressed up as a nerd!

Sexy Nerd Costume Ideas For Girls-How To Implement Them

Many girls think of Halloween as a time in which they can dress up in sexy costumes. However, many of the nerd costumes for girls that you will find for sale do not incorporate any “sexyness” into the material or costume accessories. There are a few ways to implement some sexy nerd costume ideas for girls that I will be going over in the following paragraph; implement them, and you will surely show off your sexy side.

Cutting the sleeves off of the shirt- most nerd costumes will come with short sleeved or long sleeved shirts; however, these costume shirts are not the most flaunting of a girls’ body! One of the best ways to bring some sexy nerd costume ideas to life is to cut the sleeves off of the shirt, and turn it into a tank top.

Fraying the material at the front of the shirt- Many people will misinterpret this method as showing off more cleavage; however, it does not involve doing that at all. There is a certain sexy effect that takes place when the edge of the material on a shirt is frayed. Taking a pair of scissors and running the blade along the front of the shirt is one of the best things that you can do to “sexify” your Halloween costume.

These nerd costume ideas for girls are rather simple, and mainly involve small customizations; however, these tiny customizations will make your costume unique, and set it apart from the rest!