Nothing feels cooler than the glowing LEDs of a new gaming keyboard or playing games on a glowing iPhone. Pretty much everything can be improved by making it glow in the dark. Check out this list of some of the top glowing gadgets and toys of 2011.

Glowing TRON Shoes

First up on the list are the Oryon X TRON Legacy shoes by Adidas. Created in a collaborative effort between Adidas and Oryon Tech these shoes rock ultra flexible luminous lamps built into the frame. The effect is a vibrant glow just like the movie TRON: Legacy.

Even if these shoes aren't made availabe to the general public they represent a very cool technology that could have other applications!

Glowing iPhone 4 Skins/Wraps

Slick Wraps has a range of iPhone and other phone Skins and wraps that glow in the dark. The stand out of the bunch is the iGlowPhone 3.0 that adds a smooth green glow to your iPhone 4. The glow lasts for hours and recharges in minutes. The iGlowPhone 3.0 looks like it would be a sweet addition for your iPhone at parties and raves.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate LED Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is not only one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available but it also features individually backlit keys with 5 lighting settings. Great for gaming in the dark and feeling like a boss while you do it.

This keyboard additionally features 50g mechanical keys for excellent tactile feedback and on-the-fly macro recording. The Blackwidow is commonly used by professional StarCraft 2 players and appears to be very competitive for serious players. I've personally used a Blackwidow for my gaming for a few months now and in addition to looking amazing it's a pleasure to play on for long hours at a time.

Glowing NES Mod

This mod turns a NES into a glowing masterpiece with TRON style glow lines and LED backlight power switches. These same mods could easily be applied to any console to increase their wow factor.

Glowing TRON Style Retro Nintendo Case

Oversized Translucent LED Mouse

This Giant LED mouse from is frankly hilarious. Even more funny is that it actally works, although I wouldn't be gaming on it. It would make a hilarious gift for someone wanting an LED mouse. Oh, and it's only $20. How good is that?

Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light

Nothing fights off the monsters under the bed quite like a night-light thats also a Lightsaber. This kit from ThinkGeek lets you build your own Lightsaber room light. It has 8 color choices, an auto-spectrum mode, sound effects and a remote control. 

DeadSpace Plasma Cutter Mod

KipKay modded a collectible plasma cutter tool from the video game Dead Space into a working laser! By changing out some of the diodes he was able to make the 'toy' able to pop ballons, light matches and be generraly unsafe for children. Check out the instructional video below for how he did it.

Laser Hacked Plasma Cutter in the Style of the Dead Space Video Game

Razer Banshee LED Headphones

These LED headphones from Razer provide excellent sound isolation and comfort for long gaming sessions. More importantly they have LEDs that change color depending on how fast you are playing StarCraft 2, providing you with real time feedback on your performance!


Do you have any gadgets or gear that other geeks would be envious of? Let us know in the comments section below!