Action figures for Doctor Who "stans"Credit: Davidd of Puuikibeach (cc)Credit: Davidd of Puuikibeach (cc)

The antic-ridden episodes of a lone humanoid alien from Gallifrey with a time machine he can't control might or might not motivate you enough to reach for the remote, but there at least 5 solid reasons you avidly watch Dr. Who.
       1.  You like interdimensional ethernauts and mad-science. The Doctor isn't really mad so much as odd, distracted, and not quite finished with the repairs of the Tardis: his time machine-it's his if he says it is, he stole it fair and square. It is a little strange it's taken him so long to fix the spacebox, what with his being a sonic screwdriver wielding wiz and all, but we're sure he'll fix the Tardis eventually-if that's truly his aim.
        2. You dig altered history. The good doc routinely pokes fun at historical figures and takes liberties with notorious time periods past. He might be a questionable mechanic, but he's saved the versions of earth he's visited from extra-terrestrial war machina, plastic invaders who hid in boutique windows until just the right time, and an endless variation of nasties from a myriad of worlds.
       3.  You appreciate strong female leads with poison lipstick. The tragic River Song, who is obviously in love with the good Doctor, is unfortunately the only one who remembers their many adventures past. It's a bittersweet sub-plot that leaves room for the blooming of a potential romance between the quirky time-treader and the extremely cunning River who can work her way out of any situation with style-such as her application of a specially-formulated lipstick that subdues any opponent who can't resist her kiss.
       4.  You enjoy camp television. Doctor Who is just a hair away from corny most times, but therein lies its perfection. The suspension of disbelief becomes an act of will watching the time treader and his merry band of cohorts solve, create, and solve yet more problems from episode to episode. From the cheesy space-theme ushering in the opening credits to the what-will-they-think-of-next lifeforms and plotlines the good doctor finds himself encountering, Doctor Who is adventure-sci, through and through.
       5.  You want a series you can commit several months of afternoon marathons to. Doctor Who has been around, with a different face here and there, for at least 50 years. If you're one of those sappy serial TV watchers who grows excessively attached to a show's characters and world, dresses up in variations of series-related costumes, and spouts random factoids or entire scenes of dialogue with disturbing ease, this show's had you covered for sometime.