A Review Of The Creativa From A Nescafe Dolce Gusto Creativa Owner

I just recently purchased a Nescafe dolce gusto creativa and decided to do a review on it. This is their top model which has all of the bells and whistles. It has an LCD screen, shaped like a penguin, and has 15 bars of pressure which rivals some of the professional machines. Now I’m no espresso snob, so I wont be able to comment on the flavor of the espresso produced by this machine. However, all of the other flavors I have tasted were delicious. This single serve coffee machine can make a cappuccino, hot chocolate (chococino) , peach tea, espresso, café lungo, café Americano, latte macchiato, vanilla latte macchiato, caramel latte macchiato, café grande intense, and iced cappuccino. I may have missed a few, but those are the main ones. I’m sorry, I forgot mocha. It uses its own brand of pods which cost about ten dollars a pack. If it is like a cappuccino or latte, then there are 8 milk pods and 8 coffee pods. A café Americano or espresso pack can make 16 cups.

Some people complain about the small variety of flavors, but I have nothing negative to say. The whole line is present at my local wal-mart, so I do not have to get anything online. I was most surprised about the quality of the machine. Its built like a tank through and through. That sort of craftsmanship and attention to detail are rare these days. There is even a magnet on the inside of the coffee pod slot that helps when the operator inserts the tray. There is a nice, crisp pop when the level is pulled down and it does not take long at all for the milk or coffee to start coming out. As for the pressure, I am satisfied. The milk based specialty drinks are as good as I get at my local coffee shop when I add a bit of splenda to them. They taste okay without any sugar, but I add a little bit in order to make it sweeter. The chocochino was amazing as well. I noticed that this machine really produces a nice foam with the milk based drinks. The tray where the mug is placed is adjustable to three different positions or heights to accommodate different size glasses or to reduce splatter. The creativa has a big water compartment which allows me to make several coffees without having to fill it back up. The time required to heat up the water is minimal and the machine is a lot quieter than they sound on online videos. Anyways, thanks for reading my review of the Nescafe dolce gusto creativa.