Comparison Review: D120 and D121

Nespresso is synonymous with espresso machines worldwide. It is a brand name of Nestle, a Swiss company that makes coffee and espresso machines, popular with espresso lovers all over the world. The espresso machines use espresso capsules which are specially made for this purpose and makes brewing a cup of espresso a simple task. 

The Nespresso D120 and D121 are extremely popular with espresso drinkers. In order to make espresso with these machines all you have to do is insert an espresso capsule and switch on the brewing system and you will have highly flavored espresso in a minute. Cleaning is also simple and you only have to discard the capsules after making 10-12 cups of espresso. 

Similarities Between the D120 and D121

Apperance & Size (Dimensions)

Both machines have the same shape although the D120 has slightly larger dimensions at 15.5 x 11.7 x 16.7 inches and weighs more at 13 pounds. The D121 is 14.6 x 9.3 x 10.9 inches and weighs only 10 pounds. However, both are compact enough to be placed anywhere. 

Water Tank & Detachable Drip Tray

The water tank is easily removable and can be placed back without trouble. Since the tank is behind the machine it remains out of view. Moreover, you can also remove the drip tray to empty water and clean it thoroughly before placing it back again. 

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Easy Use of Capsules

Both machines use Nespresso capsules making it very convenient to prepare espresso as well  makes cleaning an easy task. The machines have a lid on top which is lifted to reveal a capsule-shaped hole in which you insert the espresso capsule. 

19-Bar High Pressure Pump

The high pressure pump extracts the aroma and flavor very effectively from the espresso capsule in order to give you the best beverage possible. This is the reason why people love their espressos made with Nespresso machines. 


Both machines can be programmed to give you the exact amount of coffee that you want. This can be done by holding down the brew button while the espresso pours into your cup and the setting is automatically saved for future use. 


Both machines come with Aeroccino, Nespresso’s milk frother, and you can make cappuccino, latte or macchiato easily. Frothing the milk is an easy, one-touch operation. 

What are the Differences Between the D120 & D121?

Features of the D120

The D120 is a basic espresso machine with an integrated milk frother and makes espresso from Nespresso capsules. The volume is automatically controlled by the machine when you set it the first time. Cleaning up after making espresso is a breeze and you’re done once you lift the lid making the used capsule fall into the tray beneath. 

Improvements in the D121

The features in the D121 are almost the same being the newer version of the D120. The D121 has the latest Compact Brew Technology which was introduced in Nespresso machines. It also shuts off after 9 minutes if you don’t use it. The D120 has a removable cup support that is not present in the D121 which has a pivotable tray. 

The D120’s water tank holds more water at 34 ounces whereas the D121 tank holds 30 ounces only.  When you look at both you will find a narrow spout in the D121 instead of the flat, wide spout of the D120. The buttons in the D120 are placed behind whereas the D121 has them up in front. A horizontal notch on the D120 is missing in the D121.

How To Brew with a Nespresso D120 and D121

Making Espresso with the Nespresso D120 and D121 is very simple. First preheat the machine and run it the first time for hot water. This will get rid of any sediment that may have been left behind from previous use. Take an espresso capsule and insert it into the brewing chamber and press the brew button. Hot espressos will pour out from the spout. You can use the Aeroccino for frothed milk by filling it with milk and then pressing the large button in front of the frother. 

Conclusion: Which Model is Best - Should I Buy a D120 or D121?

Both the D120 and the D121 make excellent espresso. The difference between the two is mainly aesthetic and the same great features are available in both. If it comes to choose between the two of them the D121 is a more recent machine and has some changes in appearance as compared to the D120.  At the great prices that both are available you will not regret it if you purchase either of them.

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Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or issues regarding either the comparison account of the D120 Vs D121 or about either espresso maker specifically -- then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section (which you will find just below) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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