Nestle's boost drink


The kids boost essentials nutritionally complete drink from Nestle may be really good for children who are under weight because it provides additional calories that they need especially for those very picky eaters. It has a natural and artificial flavor that my picky eater child really likes.

Nestle's kids boost essentials nutritionally complete drink has twenty-five (25) vitamins and minerals including seven (7) grams of protein. It's indeed a complete, balanced nutrition for your active toddler's healthy growth and strong immune system.


Boost Kids Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink is a bit expensive compared to other nutritional drinks for children like Pediasure Nutripals. You may buy this nutritional drink at Walgreens, Target or Amazon at a lesser price especially if they offer it on sale.

You can also download a coupon from websites that offer three dollars off ($3) and print it. I hope that Boost Kids Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink will no longer contain a higher amount of sugar because my child really likes it.

Full Review

Nestle's kids boost essentials nutritionally complete drink is one of the favorite drinks that my toddler loves. She always wants to drink this with any of her chosen snacks everyday. She likes the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors that this nutritional drink provides.

Read the directions on the top of the individual box of this nutritional drink when you start using it as well as opening the Probiotic straw and inserting it in the drink because it's different than your usual "milk or juice box". The Probiotic straw help keeps children healthy once they use it.

It has good bacteria similar to those found in kid's yogurts and can be taken with a meal or a snack. If you want to know if Nestle's kids boost essentials nutritionally complete drink will be good for your young children, talk to their Pediatrician about using the product as a source of their nutrition.

It may also be good for the nutritional management for children who undergo pre-post-surgery, chronic illness, injury/trauma, inadequate oral intake, malnutrition, increased energy needs or failure to thrive. It is not for patients with Galactosemia. It's advisable that parents need to undergo medical supervision if they decide to give this nutritional drink to their children.

The kids boost essentials nutritionally complete drink from Nestle is lactose free with vitamin A from beta carotene. It also provides a hundred percent (100%) or more of the recommended dietary allowance (NAS-RDAs) with regards to protein, vitamins and minerals that the body needs for young children.

For children ages one up to eight (1-8) years of old, they may drink one serving from the 1000 ml - approx. 34 fl oz - boxed drink. For children ages nine up to thirteen (9-13), they could take onse serving from the 1500 ml - approx. 51 fl oz - boxed drink. Your child's pediatrician could even approve of this drink since it's a very good product. This is a wonderful way to make sure your children have the vitamins, minerals and protein they need everyday.

This nutritionally complete drink has a balanced nutrition that is recommended for kids with the ages one up to thirteen (1-13). Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink could also come in packages of six. Based on what I had read through their official website, these drinks contain 25 Essential vitamins and minerals, 7 grams of muscle-building proteins, key antioxidants - Vitamins C, E & Selenium and has Probiotics for immunity protection. It is lactose-free, kosher, low-residue and gluten-free.

It has a five dollar coupon ($5.00) that you can instantly find inside the packaging but sometimes their coupon is expired. It's advisable that you open the package at the cash register of the store where you plan to buy them so that the cashier can immediately deduct the amount from the coupon that is inside the product.

If you want to receive coupons by mail, request these coupons directly from Nestle through writing. You can also register through their official website to receive nutritional facts, news, special offers, tools, and more. They also provide a limited time so that you can receive a three dollar ($3) savings coupon on BOOST Kid Essentials upon registration. Just fill in the form within the site.

You can also email them through their official website. Just click the "Contact Us" category that you can find at the bottom part of their website. As their consumer, they would be happy to assist you but you also need to provide some information. Once your e-mail is received from Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition Consumer Services, they will follow up with you as soon as possible.

You can choose to fill your preferred method of contact. They may even mail discount coupons out for you so it's better to reply with your name, email address or phone number and home address. Nestle is a good company and they welcome comments from their consumers about their products and advertising, whether it's positive or negative.

When I wrote about the expired coupons that I constantly get from the nutritional drink boxes, they sent me two high value discount coupons through mail and was told that my comments will be forwarded to their appropriate departments. They had responded in a professional manner and I appreciated the efforts that they had given regarding my inquiry.

In Closing

As a mom, I also tried tasting the three flavors of this drink (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla), they all taste great. My toddler is a picky eater so I was glad that she likes the three flavors of this nutritional drink.

Every time that I will offer this nutritional drink to her, she always ask for its Probiotic immune protection straw that is attached to every box. It also comes with a spill-resistant packaging that is perfect for active kids.