Netbooks Vs. Notebooks. This competition is growing every so quickly in popularity these days. Many people who are in the market for a new computer are trying to decide what they should invest in. A Notebook, which is another word for a laptop, or a Netbook, which is like a mini laptop.

The first step in deciding which is best for you is to look at what each piece of technology is designed to do. A notebook is a computer that is designed for portability. It is pretty much a screen that is hinged onto a keyboard. Instead of using a mouse like with a desktop computer, it used a touchpad for input. The screens are big enough for you to see with out having to squint, making movie watching very easy. Also notebooks are jammed pack with a lot of space. This is important for those who use their laptops for work or gaming.

Netbook comparisonNetbook notebook computers are similar in the sense that they are also designed for ultra portability. They have pretty much created an entirely new market that some prefer to handheld computers or smart phones. Their primary selling point is the small size and weight, which is similar to an average diary. Also the fact that they cost quite a bit less than a standard laptop doesn't hurt their popularity either. The cheapest you can get a netbook is around 100 dollars, although it doesn't pack much of a punch.

These mini laptops are obviously not as powerful as their older laptop brothers. This means that they do not have sufficient power for hardcore programs. They also do not have an optical drive, so no using CDs or DVDs in your netbook.

Nonetheless, the netbooks are loved for the connectivity. Surfing and downloading from the Internet is incredibly easy. They can connect to the Internet wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Granted, notebooks can search the net as well but it is the small and convenient size of the netbooks that make them so loved. This is the main different between laptops and netbooks. Mini notebooks are like baby laptops, smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

Does this mean the game is over for standard laptops? Not at all. While mini laptop computers are excellent for on the go simple tasking, they lack the hardware for more complicated programs. Netbooks are deigned for those who are on the go all the time, or for those who do not need to do more than the basic things on a computer such as checking emailing and surfing the net.

The difference between notebooks and netbooks may not seem like a big deal to some. It is all boils down to what you need. If you do not need the extra space of a medium size laptop that tends to get heavy when carrying it around all the time, then maybe something smaller lighter and more compact would suit you perfectly. It's all up to you. A great place to start looking is at the Samsung Netbook Notebooks available on the market today.