So, you have probably heard about Netbooks, those tiny little notebook computers that are cute, and so very cool, but not enough inside to make it worth the purchase. Think again! Netbook, or UMPC are awesome!

First you should understand the definition of a UMPC. A UMPC stands for Ultra-Mobile PC . There are some that are similar to a small notebook computer, and then there are others that are hand-held devices, but all are PC computers in a highly compact body.

A Netbook is a small portable laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.

When I first heard of a UMPC, my introduction was to the ASUS EEE PC 900 from the webpage I was very excited. It was so small, and interesting, I quickly bought one. I found there were some issues that needed to be looked into before I bought my next one. The keyboard was too small, not enough hard drive, and the RAM was only 1 GB. I ended up selling it on Ebay, for the same price I bought it for. Lucky, but now my quest would be to find the best Netbook for me. I researched alot, looked into the Acer Apire One, but I did not like the left and right mouse buttons set up the way they were. I decided, my best bet was the Dell Mini 9. I love that Netbook, and will eventually buy one again. As more new ones come out, my interests still change, and so I sold the Dell, and purchased a Sony Vaio P-Series

Although I like the Vaio, I decided to sell it and am quite happy with my new Acer Aspire One 11.6 inch Netbook.

I plan on writing on many of these netbooks, and hope someday to find my favorite one. I look forward to the research. Let me know if you have any opinions on any of the netbooks out there.