Katherine Heigl In One For The Money

Available On Netflix Streaming In December

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Every month Netflix adds new material to its steaming library. 

If you don’t currently have Netflix streaming it is a great entertainment value for only $8 per month.  

They also offer a one month trial subscription for free if you want to check it out.

In December there will be some great additions to the Netflix library including Red Dawn, Sexy Beast and The Adventures of Tintin.

Below is a list of some of the better new releases coming to Netflix streaming in December.

December Releases

  • The English Patient
  • The Last of The Mohicans
  • The Presidio
  • Red Dawn
  • Scream
  • The Paper Chase
  • Sexy Beast
  • Young Adult
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Portlandia Season 2
  • Sleepwalk With Me
  • Jeff Who Lives At Home
  • One For The Money
  • The Devil Inside
  • The Usual Suspects

Show Pick Of The Month


Season two of the sketch comedy series Portlandia will be available on Netflix steaming in December.

Portlandia stars Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live fame.  The shows humor focuses on the unique style of the city of Portland, Oregon which abounds with a weird mix of Vegans, musicians and counter culture hippies. 

Though the show makes fun of Portland and its inhabitants it’s clear the producers have a deep affection for the city.

Some of the more memorable skits include the “buy local” movement, a serious game of hide and seek played by thirty something hipsters, and a pair of almost militant lesbians who run a local bookstore.

All the skits, while blown way out of proportion are also based on a kernel of truth.  Such as Portland’s love affair with fixed gear bicycles and the hipster culture.

This makes the show a lot of fun for anyone who lives in or has visited the city of Portland.  And if you haven’t been to Portland the show is still funny on its merits and will give you a small glimpse into a city you may want to visit after seeing the show or may want nothing to do with depending on your personality.

Given Portland’s unofficial motto “Keep Portland Weird” there should be enough material to make several more seasons of this unique sketch comedy series.