New Releases October

Netflix offers a streaming only service for $8 per month.  For $8 you have unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and movies.  Each month Netflix acquires new licenses adding more material to their library. 

Here is a list of some of the movies and TV shows that will be made available for viewing on Netflix streaming in October.



March of the Penguins

Rain Man

The Rookie

Enter The Dragon



9 ½ Weeks

Dumb and Dumber

Pay It Forward

Get The Gringo


Act Of Valor 10/3/2012

Intruders 10/15/2012

Bruno 10/16/2012

Bug 10/23/2012

TV Shows:

30 Rock Season 6

Weeds Season 7

Parks and Rec Season 4

The Office Season 8

Parenthood Season 3

One Tree Hill Season 9

One Of The Better Movies You May Have Missed


Bug is a 2006 movie adapted from a play of the same name. 

The film stars, Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon and Harry Connick Jr. 

The film is a taut thriller/horror movie that takes place in a run down motel room in Oklahoma. 

Judd's character has recently lost a child and is on a drug and alcohol binge.  She takes solace in a relationship with a drifter who claims he was recently discharged from the military where they performed experiments on him.  Shortly thereafter they succumb to hallucinations and paranoia. 

Bug is based on a play and still very much has the feel of a stage performance.  A film like this could not work without superior acting and Judd and Shannon play their parts to perfection. 

The film is at times horrifying and hard to watch but at the same time it is engrossing.  You come to care about the characters and the outcome.  You also are kept wondering if these characters are in fact hallucinating or is what they are experiencing actually happening. 

Bug does a good job of putting the audience in the room with the characters where they can sympathize with the plight of paranoia. 

This movie is not for everyone but if you enjoy mind bending thrillers with a bit of horror thrown in, Bug will not disappoint. 

Bug will be available on Netflix streaming in October.