Netgear ReadyNAS NVX (21042)


* Intel Advanced Embedded CPU & 1 GB Memory for system performance
* 2 - 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet ports for access speed and reliability
* 3 - USB 2.0 ports for printer sharing, external hard drives or UPS monitoring
* 4 - hot swap hard drive bays
* Auto expandable X-RAID2 data protection
* 5 year warranty!


The only real disadvantage to this NAS device is the price. While other units may sell for less, Netgear does not cut any corners when it comes to protecting your data and neither should you.

The 1TB and larger hard drives provided by Netgear are enterprise class drives with higher reliability and longer expected life span than what may be found in other network storage devices.

Full Review

Store, Access & Protect Your Data With Network Storage

The Netgear ReadyNAS NVX is one of the finest network attached storage (NAS) devices to be offered to the home and small business storage market. This desktop unit packs almost every feature of the most expensive network storage device in several affordable configurations.

Why would you need a network storage device?

In homes across America there is a veritable explosion of data currently spread out among different computers in the home, susceptible to data loss, difficult to access and seldom backed up.

By consolidating your important files, music library, photos, and videos on one device that is connected to your home network and accessible by any computing device in the home whether Windows PC, Mac, iPod, game console or even internet enabled TV you give yourself the ability to access your data and media when you want it, use it how you want to, and protect your investment from loss.

The ReadyNAS NVX fits the need perfectly

The ReadyNAS NVX can be accessible to any device on your home network, whether wired or wireless. Compatible with any popular computing device in your home you can access files or play your entertainment media from the device of your choice.

Remote access to your data from most anywhere with an internet connection is easy to configure with the built-in ReadyNAS remote.

With four hot swap hard drive bays, you can start with a small amount of RAID protected storage and easily expand the data volume, without having to backup and restore your data, using Netgear's patented X-RAID2 storage management system.

Backup your data, even off-site!

A quality NAS device like this helps with your computer backup in two important ways:

First, you can use the included backup software to backup your PC or Mac to the ReadyNAS NVX to make recovery easier should you lose a hard drive on your computer.

Second, built-in support for Netgear's own online backup service means it is easy to safeguard your data off-site at a secure storage center that will likely remain unaffected by theft or natural disaster at your home.

In Closing

Bottom Line

The Netgear ReadyNAS NVX is an ideal solution for home network storage needs, home office or even small business network storage. Start with a unit sized for what you need knowing you can easily grow your NAS with your storage needs.

When looking for RAID NAS storage, look no further than the Netgear ReadyNAS lineup.